【100th Anniv!】Hilton offers a plan to enjoy the 100th anniv of the hotel stay. 【¥100 for BKF!?】

Hilton hotels will start booking accommodation plans celebrating the 100th anniversary at 13 hotels in the Hilton group in Japan, with the theme of “Hilton 100 for the next 100 years with the guests”.

100 yen BKF ACCOM plan
-thanks for 100 years of morning-

The blissful breakfast is at Hilton! A 100-year anniversary accommodation plan where breakfast buffets at Hilton group hotels can be used for only ¥ 100 (tax and service charges not included). Enjoy as many dishes as Hilton offers with confidence. In addition, they offer dishes unique to the area and freshly prepared egg dishes prepared by the chef in front of you according to your preference (except for some hotels). Hope you enjoy your family, friends, loved ones, and the elegant and luxurious Hilton’s breakfast buffet.

Source: PR Times

100 hours stay & 10,000 Hilton Honors bonus points plan
-with thanks for 100 years-

Not only you can stay at Hilton Hotels in Japan for 100 hours, but you can get 10,000 Hilton Honors Points, which can be exchanged for various benefits from free nights to concerts, etc. over the past 100 years and the next 100 years. A plan that you can earn, a double and happy 100th anniversary. In addition, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet that Hilton delivers with confidence throughout your stay. It is recommended for a trip with a family who wants to stay slowly while traveling, or a business trip.

Source: PR Times

In addition, SNS campaign to consider the next 100 years “future rooms” with customers and experience the private luxury travel of Conrad Tokyo and Conrad Osaka, such as 1 million yen plan (tax and service charge separate) etc. Plans will be developed in the future so that customers can enjoy.

March 30 “EARTH HOUR” extended to 100 minutes to commemorate the 100th anniv.

At Hilton, they are actively promoting environmental conservation, and social activities that show the intention of global warming prevention and environmental conservation by turning off people at the same time on the same day and at the same time by people from all over the world sponsored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) We agree with the Good Project “Earth Hour” and participate every year. This year, they will extend the 60-minute Earth Hour to 100 minutes to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our founding.

Source: Hilton OSAKA

Hilton Centennial Special Website

With the 100th anniversary of its founding on May 31, 2019, the special website (URL: Hiltonhotels.jp/100) will be released from February 20, 2019, 100 days ago, and 100 days for the anniversary will be Hilton We deliver countdown messages by 100 team members (employees). However, this website is not multilingual.