【Abeno】 The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” collaboration cafe will open on January 7!


In commemoration of the release of the film version of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal”, “Sailor Moon Cafe -Eternal-” will open in Abeno Q’s Mall on January 7.

Collaboration Cafe to Commemorate the Release of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie

The first part of the movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” is scheduled to be released on January 8 (Fri.), 2021, and the second part on February 11 (Thu.), 2021. The “Sailor Moon Cafe -Eternal-” will be held to commemorate this event.

Under the theme of “ETERNAL MEMORIES,” you can enjoy a photogenic menu inspired by the works in an elegant restaurant with beautiful aurora and gradation.

A menu inspired by the Sailor Senshi and items from the show.

The café menu features food, desserts, and drinks inspired by the Sailor Senshi and items that appear in the show.

The dessert menu is particularly noteworthy. There are so many cute desserts on the menu, such as “Rabbit’s Yogurt Bowl with Moon”, “Ami’s Aqua Sparkling Parfait”, “Chibi-Usa’s Crystal Carillon Pudding Sandwich”, and “Luna’s Black Sesame Paste Donut”.

The parfait served in a glass will have a different menu for the event until February 10, 2021 (Wed) and after February 11, 2021 (Thu). The first half will feature the “Amazon Trio’s 3-Color Parfait” and the second half will feature the “Amazoness Quartet’s 4-Color Parfait.

The drink menu will include sodas reminiscent of the key colors of each of the Sailor Senshi. Cafe lattes and hot tea, perfect for the cold season, are also recommended.

Original goods are also available.

You can’t miss the wide variety of original goods that are available only at this collaboration cafe. Mugs, eco bags, towel handkerchiefs, pin badges, and more are available. From February 1 (Mon) onward, a special set of teacups, pots, and bowls will also be available.


Collaboration Cafe to Commemorate the Release of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie

【Period】 Jan 7 (Thu), 2021 – Feb 21 (Sun), 2021
【Location】 Abeno Contact at Abeno Q’s Mall
【Address】 1-6-1 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation】 https://sailormoon-cafe.jp/ (*Advance reservations are required.)