【Abeno】”Petit stationery girl’s meeting” in the loft is full of limited products!

From May 18, the “Petit stationery girl’s meeting” for girls who like stationery has started at the loft target stores. (It is being held at Abeno Loft in Osaka.) Due to the replacement of products, the exhibition period is divided into two periods, the first half (May 18 to early July) and the second half (early July to mid August).

It’s petit but the products ain’t petit!

Starting with Shibuya Loft last March, the “Stationery Women’s Association” is a popular event that has continued to be held in major cities across the country. This time, it will be held simultaneously at the target 24 stores (as of May announcement) as a compact size “petite” version.

Loft limited edition

In addition to items focusing on paper items that touch stationery girls’ heart, lots of loft limited items also appear.

For example, in the loft limited “Fuji color goods” (Fuji Film), Fujifilm’s old products and notepads and tote bags with a familiar CM character motif will appear.

In addition, the simple and retro pure cafe series “Paper Town Coffee Shop” (Furukawa Paper Co., Ltd.) is also a limited edition loft. There will be a set of mini-letter sets and a single-stroke writing paper designed with coffee floats and pudding a la modes.

As well as being cute, the ability notebook “Kokuyo Surveying Field Book Series” developed for outdoor measurement and “Neon series block No. 11 & A5 notebook” of manufacturer “RHODIA” who also uses high quality pulp and loves professional, The stationery with a sense of fashion is also expanded.

Kokuyo Surveying Field Book Series

RHODIA Neon Series, block #11 & A5 note book

Japanese regional toy motif goods

In addition to limited items, items from the brand “Chiyokichi”, a brand that develops miscellaneous goods with local motifs in Japan as motifs, and a series of popular goods from illustrator Yamakawa Haruna are also attracting attention.


Petit stationery girl’s meeting

【Period】The first half (May 18-early July) / Late (early July-mid August)
【Location】Abeno LOFT @ Abeno and 1 – 3 floor
【Address】 2-1-40 Abenosuji, Abeno-ward, OSAKA
【Hour】11:00 – 21:00