【Abeno Harukas】Let’s enjoy Hokkaido gourmet in Osaka!

The Big Hokkaido Exhibition, which gathers gourmets from Hokkaido, will be held from April 24 (Wed) to May 7 (Tue), 2019 at the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store in Osaka.

The first week / It’s the best season! Surf & Turf from Hokkaido!

In the first week, about 50 stores that offer gourmet food using seasonal ingredients will come up!

In the ramen specialty store “CRAB GANG” which seafood dish “Hachikyo” famous for “Salmon roe bowl” which fills up a large amount of salmon roe, the first appearance outside Hokkaido will hold “crawling” every day for the period!

Sapporo / CRAB GANG
Kani mori Ramen
*Each day limited number 100
Miso / 1,800 yen
Shio (Salt) / 1,700 yen

CRAB GANG “Kani dashi shio Ramen Mini-ikuradon set” 1,500 yen
(Crab soup salt noodles and salmon roe bowl set)

You can enjoy the handful of asparagus, colorful Sakura trout, and the rare Hidaka production Sakura sea urchin which rarely appears on market outside Hokkaido as now season as a Harukas original handgrip set.

*Kintetsu Main Store Limited
Otaru / Otaru Tatsumi Sushi
North Spring Season Nigiri for 1 person 3,780 yen

Kintetsu original Montblanc using popular strawberry “Ginryu Ichigo (Strawberry)” in Hokkaido.

Kintetsu main store limited
Otaru / Otaru Western pastry shop Lu Tao
Marugoto Ginryu Ichigo Montblanc
432 yen
【Each day limited number 500】

The second week / “Tokachi & Obihiro” gourmet, luxury brand beef steak lunch box, etc.

The second week focused on Tokachi and Obihiro gourmet, the largest food producer in the province. As in the first week, about 50 companies are gathered and various original menus are provided.

Obihiro’s “restaurant MARUGO” sells steak box lunches using brand beef “Tokachi poroshiri black beef” exclusively for Abeno Harukas.

Kintetsu main store limited
Obihiro / Restaurant. MARUGO
Poroshiri Black Beef Luxury Bento
3,240 yen

A famous confection representing Obihiro. Sticking to the ingredients of Tokachi, moist Baumkuchen “Sanpouroku” is an excellent item.

*Kintetsu main store limited
Obihiro / Ryugetsu
1. Plane 630 yen
2. Matcha 760 yen

It is Kintetsu original parfait which used the Otosara popular brand “Ginryu Ichigo” abundantly to cream using Jersey milk called “Golden milk”.

*Kintetsu main store limited
Otaru / Otaru Western pastry shop Lu Tao
Parfait of Tokachi Jersey milk and Ginryu Ichigo
864 yen
【Each day limited number 100】

Event Information

Big Hokkaido Exhibition

【Opening Period】April 24(Wed) to May 7 (Tue) 2019
【1st week】April 24 (Wed) to April 30(Tue), 2019
【2nd week】May 1 (Wed) to May 7 (Tue), 2019
【Location】Abeno Harukas Kintetsu, Wing Building 9F
【Address】 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ward, Osaka