【Abeno Harukas】Valentine event that starts first in Kansai! Abeno Harukas’ Chocolat Collection 2020 will begin on January 18th.

The Valentine Fair “Chocolat Collection 2020” will start at “Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store” on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

Top batter among department stores in Kansai! A total of about 140 brands of chocolates selected from home and abroad, the largest number ever. Chocolateries that only open at the store and limited chocolates will also appear, so be sure to check them out!

All “Abeno Harukas” first appearance! 6 Chocolate Chocolate Creators Watching the World.

1. Janice Wong

Chocolate tree “Janice Wong” selected as Asia’s Best Patissier in “Asia Best Restaurant 50” . Moreover, this is the only store in Kansai. Assorted “Flower Box of 5” (5 tablets 2,500 yen) containing fruit flavors such as strawberry and lemon thyme, and hopping candy that pops in your mouth, looks pretty and can be enjoyed with both eyes and tongue.


The brand “JEAN-CHARLES ROXHOUX”, which is made under the concept of “making chocolate a blissful art” and is attracting attention for its design. This is also the only store in Kansai! “Cool” (60 grams, 4,050 yen), characterized by a gorgeous heart-shaped chocolate made of white chocolate colored pink. The base bitter chocolate has a trademark crocodile pattern.

3. Yumiko SAIMURA

The award-winning brand “Yumiko SAIMURA” will appear from February 1 (Sat), including the overall victory in the Italian World Masters Contest in 2011. Exhibited this time is Piccolo Gianduia, a masterpiece that won five consecutive victories at the International Chocolate Awards World Championship from 2014 to 2018 (9 tablets: 3,348 yen). This is limited to 200 pieces, so those who are worried should be as soon as possible!


LES TROIS CHOCOLATS Chocolate Shop first appeared in Japan. “Chocolat Rose Selection” (5 capsules, 2,160 yen) is a special truffle known by those who know the double name brand, which combines the techniques of “Chocolate Shop” and “Letroix Chocolat”. The appearance of roses is also wonderful.


From “MICHALAK,” which first appeared this year, the gem “Petit K” (various 648 yen each) has attracted attention as a combination of chocolate and sables. You can feel originality in taste and texture.


“THE SPOON” (30 grams, 929 yen), a specialty honey specialty store “My Honey Bodica”, is a new sugar-free chocolate.

4 Recommended Chocolate Recommended Chocolate Catalog “Happiness Chocolate”

Chocolate found by charismatic chocolate buyer Miri in the chocolate specialty catalog “Happiness Chocolate”, which has received great support from chocolate lovers nationwide, will be featured. The focus this year is on brands from Scandinavian countries, including Finland and Sweden.


“Berryshka”, which will be the first store in Japan, will sell “Mint Chocolate” (6 tablets, 3,780 yen), which is made by mixing mint with mellow cream and covering with dark chocolate. It has a refreshing taste that even those who are not good at chocolate mint will like it.

2. Annan Suklaa Tehdas

From January 25 (Sat), “Annan Suklaa Tehdas” will appear in Japan for the first time. We recommend “Assort” (9 tablets 5,832 yen). It is a chocolate with a ganache in a dome-shaped chocolate. There are three flavors: caramel with yellow fruit “Seabuckthorn”, licorice and Scandinavian national sweets “Rose flavor”. The appearance is elegant and very beautiful!

3. Yeva Mantinen

Also on January 25 (Saturday), “Yeva Mantinen” will make its first appearance in Japan. The recommended chocolate is Blood Orange (6 tablets, 5,184 yen). Blood orange puree cream ganache covered with white chocolate. It is a very gorgeous item decorated with hand painting.

4. Pieniscrate Hedas

Pieniscrate Hedas also opened in Japan for the first time. . Buyer’s favorite chocolate is “Strawberry Chocolate” (about 90g 2,700 yen). Finely crushed dry strawberry is heavily topped on 35% cocoa milk chocolate. You can enjoy the harmony of chocolate and strawberries.

5. Quernons d’Ardoise

“Blue Chocolate Soft Ice Cream” is a popular soft chocolate made from beautiful blue chocolate (¥ 600 each). This soft ice cream is sold exclusively for Abeno Harukas and cannot be eaten at the French main store of Quernons d’Ardoise. It is a valuable sweet that can only be eaten here in the world.

Three selections of chocolate using the Sakura Award winning wine.

Chocolat using the 2019 award-winning wine from the internationally attracted wine competition “Sakura Awards” has also appeared. Winners will also be sold, so if you are a wine lover, check here too!

1.Nakamura Chocolate

“Watson Family Vineyards Chardonnay” (750ml ¥ 2,750) from the “Woodlands” tongue won the 2019 Double Gold Award in the “Original Selection” (6 tablets, ¥ 2,376) of “Nakamura Chocolate”.
In addition to the refreshing taste of chocolate, a dry white wine confined in a pear jelly and dark chocolate ganache, it’s Abeno Harukas limited selection of chocolates using “bush food” (traditional Australian ingredients).

2. Ek Chuah

“Ek Chuah”, which was founded as the first chocolate specialty store in Osaka, will sell “Praline Rose Wine” (1,620 JPY for 4 tablets) exclusively for Abeno Harukas. The wine used is “Petura Rose” (750ml for 2,200 yen), which has won double gold. A wine characterized by a refreshing sweet and sour taste and a faint spice aroma. In order to make use of it, pralines kneaded into ganache as much as possible are luxurious.

There are two flavors, “bitter” that allows you to simply enjoy the taste of wine, and “milk” with strawberry accents.

3. Goncharoff

“Abeno Harukas” limited edition products will also appear from “Goncharoff”, which is said to be the first whiskey bonbon made in Japan.
A special bonbon chocolate “Penguins Kiss Bottles” (5 tablets 810 yen) that covers the vintage wine of “Penguins Kiss Shiraz 2017” with sweet chocolate. You can feel the taste of wine directly.

Influential brands gather from “Tokyo”, which will attract attention in 2020!

1. Chocolaphil

From its first store, Chocolaphil, Gato Chocolate Rectangle (2,916 yen per bottle), which uses carefully selected cacao from Colombia, appears. There is no doubt that exquisite gateau chocolate will be pleased even as a souvenir!


For the first appearance of “MAGIE DU CHOCOLAT”, the recommended item is “cocoa soft ice cream” (¥ 621 each). During the period, the cocoa production area changes every week, so you can enjoy it as many times as you want.


The very popular “Press Butter Sandwich” also appeared for the first time. “Butter Sand (Black)” (9 pieces, 2,430 yen) is a delicious dish that sandwiches two layers of chocolate caramel flavored with butter cream and rum in a cookie kneaded with two types of cocoa powder. .

A variety of venue sweets are also available! Recommended 3 selections.

About 30 kinds of sweets are sold at the venue only. In addition to buying chocolate, you can also enjoy exquisite sweets. This time, I would like to introduce three recommended items.

1.Fromage Danish Denis Le Tao

Fromage Danish Denis Le Tao will sell “Tapioca Chocolate Milk Tea” (1 cup 605 yen) exclusively for “Abeno Harukas”. Tapioca (Boba), which was a huge trend in 2019, will appear again this year. As it is limited until January 31 (Fri), those who are worried should be as soon as possible!

2. Leonidas

Also from Leonidas, it will appear in “Abeno Harukas” limited edition “Rose scented-with strawberry & white chocolate strawberry filling” (1 piece 621 yen). It looks so cute, you can feel happy just by eating.


The recommended menu of ASIAN RAD AFTER is “Blue City Chocolate” (930 JPY each). It is a powerful dish that you can enjoy chocolate with a perfect score. This is also sold until Friday, January 31.


Valentine Fair Chocolat Collection 2020

【Event Schedule】January 18 (Sat)-February 14 (Fri) 2020
【Location】Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Wing Building 9th floor Event Hall
【Address】1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi