【Abeno Harukas Kintetsu】-Japanese Wisdom- The world of fermentation. Hakko de Happy will come up from May 15 to 21.

Fermented foods that are attracting attention all over the world under the influence of the “Japanese food boom” in recent years. Abeno Harukas Kintetsu will hold an event for the first time to enjoy the deep “fermentation” world.

Calpico + Fermented food

You can enjoy fashionable and stylish original drinks that blend the fermented drink, “Calpico” with “fermented food”.

(Left) Calpico × Malt Vinegar Blend
(Middle) Calpico × yogurt Blend
(Right) Calpico × Malted rice amazake
601 yen each

Sweets using fermented food

There are original cakes using Miso and sake lees at a cheesecake shop in Osaka.

(Left) Miso custard cheesecake 1,728 yen ※ 20 limited number each day
(Right) Sake bowl cheese souffle 1,296 yen ※ limited number of each day 20
Made by FORMA Tezukayama Osaka

“Miso pota” mixed with miso soup and potage

MISO POTA KYOTO, the Miso Pota specialty store that mixes miso soup and potage (a Western-style soup with thickness), opened in Kyoto in 2016, will be the first to open a store.

Eat-in where you can enjoy fermented food menu on the spot

Great pork miso soup with stewed pork and vegetables.
By Asakusa MISOJYU

950 yen

Fried Natto
(Plane, Curry, Chili)
By Factory restaurant “TANUMISE”

810 yen each
Natto set meal 880 yen

Sales of traditional fermented foods that Japan boasts

40g ×3 / 540 yen
By Natto Bar, Kogane-an

Awase-gura / 300g / 601 yen
By Kuradai Miso, Kyoto

Freshly cut dried bonito
50g / 540 yen
By Ninben

made only with rice-malt

By Hakkaisan Shuzou, Niigata
825g / 864 yen

Event Information

-Japanese Wisdom- The world of fermentation. Hakko de Happy

【Opening Period】May 15 (wed) – 21 (tue) 2019
【Location】Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Wing Building 9F