【Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store】Ice cream Expo “Aipaku” will be held from tomorrow!

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Honpo will hold a gathering of over 100 types of ice cream and shaved ice from around the country. “Aipaku” is the largest ice cream event in Japan.

A very popular trend ice cream shop comes up!

Very popular in Sapporo! This is the first appearance of a heavy-duty soft served ice cream in Kansai.

Hokkaido ” UMIERE “
Hokkaido Organic Milk Soft served ice cream
480 yen

Soft served ice cream made with Hokkaido’s organic milk is a refreshing taste.

Hokkaido ” UMIERE ”
Dark molasses boba soft served ice cream
650 yen

The shop where the strangeness of the appearance is a topic for the first time appeared. It is popular to choose toppings such as oleo and color chocolate, and to eat your own original ice cream.

Okayama “Crazy ice cream”
Crazy Ice Cream
1 scoop 400 yen
2 scoop 700 yen
3 scoop 1000 yen

Rolled ice cream that is very popular worldwide will also appear.

Tokyo “Manhattan roll ice cream”
Manhattan Roll Ice Cream Mango & Mango
850 yen

It is an ice cream rolled with a spatula on a cold steel plate.

Tokyo “Manhattan roll ice cream”
Manhattan Roll Ice Cream Mix Berry
850 yen

Local ice from all over the country and shops of the topic also appear!

It is gelato which used Miyagi specialty Zunda (mashed boiled green soybeans) and cheese.

Miyagi “Naturino”
Moumitsu Zunda Cheesecake
430 yen

Gelato that can enjoy the crunchy texture of rice using Yamagata’s delicious rice “Tsuyahime”.

Yamagata “Yamagata shokuhin”
Yamagata Gelato “Tsuyahime”
350 yen

Choose from four levels of pistachio, platinum is the most dense with pistachio grains.

Kanagawa “Maison GIVREE”
800 yen

“Aipaku” the most popular Kikyo Shingen soft served ice cream and a mix of dark Matcha flavor first appeared!
It is topped with Yamanashi famous confectionery “Kikyo Shingen Mochi”.

Yamanashi “Kikyo-ya”
Kikyo Shingen Soft Served Mixed Ice Cream
520 yen

It’s a fluffy ice shaving, it melts in your mouth and it’s like sweets.

Tokyo “Yelo”
850 yen

Fragrant ice cream made from in-house grown / roasted Indonesian cocoa beans.

Kyoto ” Dari K “
Chocolate Ice Cream that cacao is fragrant
450 yen

Additive-free, non-pigmented, an article worthy of Matcha.

Ibaragi “Nemotoen”
Tea with rich ice
350 yen

Castella is a moist ice sandwich using natural egg “sun egg” from Nagasaki. New product coffee taste is Kansai first appearance.

Nagasaki “New York Do”
Nagasaki Castella Ice cream, Coffee
350 yen


Ice cream Expo “Aipaku”

【Period】July 31 to August 13
【Location】Wing Building 9F Venue