【Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store】Road Station EXPO Osaka 2020 will be held at the same time as Ichigo PARTY 2020!

From March 5 (Thu) to 8 (Sun), Roadside Station EXPO Osaka 2020 will be held at the same time as Strawberry PARTY 2020 at the main store of Harukas Kintetsu.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, there are 1,160 stations registered as “roadside stations” all over Japan (as of June 2019). Among them, special products of about 30 roadside stations that are not easily accessible in Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Hokuriku, Kinki and Chugoku are collected and sold.

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Tango craft beer

International beer award winning beers appear from the roadside station which is the largest in western Japan. Eight unique beers are sold in bottles, such as Weizen with a fruity taste using wheat malt and Meister using Koshihikari from Tango. At the eat-in corner, you can enjoy freshly provided three kinds from the beer server on a daily basis.

Kyoto “Tango Kingdom “Food Miyako””
Tango craft beer 550 yen / bottle

Steak lunch box

A luxurious lunch appears at the roadside station in the middle of northern Hokkaido. Soya black beef steak is spread luxuriously. In addition to homemade hamburgers and wieners, Hokkaido’s scallops and potatoes are also served, and it is a packed lunch with Hokkaido flavor.

Hokkaido “Nakagawa”
Soya Black Beef Steak Lunch DX 2,160 yen (30 each day only)


A popular Daifuku, where you can always get in line before the opening of the event. It is a popular sweet that spreads the sweetness of Koshian and cream after the bitterness of Kabuse Matcha from Shingu, Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime “Misty Forest Confectionery Studio”
Misty Forest Daifuku 1,188 yen (8pieces) / Limited to 250 boxes each day, up to 3 boxes per person

Amabi stick sushi

From Japan, the only roadside station adjacent to the sandy beach (Chirihama Nagisa Driveway) where you can run a car is a bar sushi made from naturally-grown Kuri Hikari Hakui rice and the crisp sweet shrimp caught in the Sea of ​​Japan. The rich flavor of the sweet shrimp and the refreshing flavor of ginger and large leaves are exquisite.

Ishikawa “Noto Chirihama”
Naturally grown rice, sweet shrimp stick sushi 2,052 yen / bar


Road Station EXPO Osaka 2020

【Event Period】March 5 (Thu)-8 (Sun), 2020
【Location】Wing Building 9F Event Hall
【Address】1-1-43, Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi