【Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store】Strawberry PARTY 2020 will be held for 4 days only.

An event gathering about 20 shops dealing with strawberry sweets from all over Japan and Korea will be held on March 5-8 at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store. Popular strawberry sweets will appear, including three stores that first appeared in department stores and 12 stores that first appeared in the Kintetsu Main Store (including the first appearance in department stores).

Popular sweets that can hardly be eaten in Kansai!

First appearance in Kansai! “Strawberry sweets specialty store” in Sapporo

From Hokkaido, famous for its Finishing Parfait culture, the strawberry sweets specialty store that opened in July last year is the first in Kansai! The parfait that uses one pack of strawberries responds to eating and is an excellent parfait that shines on SNS.

Hokkaido, “Very berry crazy”
Strawberry Parfait 1,958 yen

Department store first appearance! “Nora Cafe”

A very popular cafe in Fukui Prefecture is the first department store to appear. It is popular because it uses plenty of strawberries harvested from its own farms and enjoys the taste of the ingredients themselves. Strawberry jelly and strawberry ice cream are also included in the parfait, and it has a refreshing taste.

Fukui, “Nora Cafe”
Strawberry Cinderella 2,000 yen

A long-established fruit parlor popular menu “Sand”

From Tochigi, Japan’s largest producer of strawberries, a very popular fruit parlor from a fruit specialty store in 1898 has appeared. It is a very thick sand that complements the taste of high quality fresh cream and Tochigi brand strawberry “Sky Berry”.

Tochigi “Fruit dining 8010 (pallet)”
Sky-berry Strawberry Sandwich (1 pack, 3 pieces) 1,383 yen

Pay attention to the maker’s special parfait!

First appearance! “Momovege made by a greengrocer’s bride”

“Momovege”, which has a store in Kashiwara-shi, Osaka for the third year since its opening in July this year, has first appeared. On top of the soft ice cream using “Amaou”, the strawberry “KOTOKA” born in Nara Prefecture is abundantly topped. You can enjoy the combination of KOTOKA, which has no acidity and is sweet, and Amaou soft ice cream.

Osaka “momovege”
Strawberry ice cream 1,100 yen

New Kyoto specialty “Ichigo Yama” where you can have a line.

A popular parfait born at a Western restaurant opened in 2017 appears. A line is made every day before the store opens, and immediately after the store opens, the numbered tickets are sold out. “Ichigo Yama (Strawberry mountain)” is a luxurious dish using “Amaou” for 22 pieces. In addition to plenty of strawberries, fresh cream, milk ice cream, strawberry sorbet, lime jelly with strawberry puree, custard cream are packed without gaps from the top.

Kyoto “FUKUNAGA901”
Ichigo Yama 1,800 yen

DORUMIRU, a parfait specialty store on SNS.

A very popular parfait specialty store has appeared in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Homemade tiramisu is packed with Amaou strawberry, black tea jelly, gateau fromage, espresso ice cream and strawberry ice cream. The bitterness of espresso and sweet and sour of Amao are exquisite and mature.

Ishikawa “DORUMIRU”
Amao and Tiramisu Parfait 2,300 yen

Strawberry sweets, which are popular on SNS, etc., are also appearing!

First appearance! “Strawberry sweets specialty store”

The first strawberry sweets specialty store “Strawberry Mania” produced by Tsukiji Soratsuki, a famous Tsukiji store famous for Ichigo Daifuku, has appeared. Sweets are made by carefully selecting the most delicious strawberries from all over the country, mainly in western Japan.

Osaka “Strawberry Mania”
Strawberry Choppiri Soft Ice Cream (Mix) 650 yen

Department store first appearance! “HOMIBING”

Since its arrival in Japan in 2016, the popular shaved ice specialty store is now the first department store. Because the strawberry juice is iced, the ice itself tastes and is like shaved ice like gelato. Strawberries and sliced ​​almonds are topped.

Shaved ice, raw strawberry 1,100 yen


Strawberry Party 2020

【Event Period】March 5 (Thu)-8 (Sun), 2020
【Location】Wing Building 9F Event Hall in Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store
【Address】1-1-43, Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi