【Absolutely delicious!】Matcha × Mascarpone Cheese Donuts 【Limited-time】


It suddenly hit me and my iPhone…
Mister Donut has sent the following promotional video and some info.

Misdo meets Gion Tsujiri

Every year, Misdo (Mister Donut) has released various collaboration donuts, entitled “Matcha Sweets Premium,” which is the traditional matcha flavor of Gion Tsujiri.

The third year of this time, they find out the marriage of Matcha and mascarpone cheese which is bringing out the goodness of Matcha !

*Gion Tsujiri is famous tea shop in Kyoto, Japan

Source: Mister Donut

Items (Menu)

Pon de Double Uji-Matcha
¥151 (including tax)

It was Mixed Uji Matcha into mochi mochi (glutinous) dough and apply Uji Matcha chocolate. It’s an item that you can thoroughly enjoy Matcha!

Pon de Uji-Matcha Mascarpone cream
¥183 (including tax)

Uji Matcha chocolate and Crunchy Chocolate are added to the mochi mochi (glutinous) dough with Uji Matcha, which is sanded with mascarpone cheese cream.

Pon de Uji-Matcha AZUKI
¥183(including tax)

Uji Matcha Whipped cream and Azuki are sanded in a mochi mochi
(glutinous) dough made with Uji Matcha, and sprinkled with compatible Kinako Sugar.

Uji-Matcha Azuki danish pastry
¥216 (including tax)

Uji matcha green tea whipped cream and red bean paste on crispy Danish dough. Made to matcha green tea sweets.

Uji- Matcha Tiramisu danish partry
¥216 (including tax)

Put Uji Matcha chocolate and mascarpone cream in crispy Danish dough. Made it to Matcha tiramisu.

When & Where you can get them?

They will be released on April 5 in Mister donut nationwide.

Unfortunately, they don’t have Multilingual Website but the shops are anywhere in Osaka! so you can find it easily and hope you will enjoy those donuts! I can’t wait! haha