【Amazon】 Let’s enjoy Christmas at home to the fullest! with “Reindeer mask and hair band.”

From “A Holdings” comes an item perfect for Christmas at home! The “Reindeer Mask + Hair Band SET” is now on sale at Amazon.

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit with a special mask.

The “Reindeer Mask + Hair Band Set” (1,500 yen, tax included) is a set of a mask and hair band that allows you to transform into a cute reindeer.

The mask has a 3D design for easy breathing. It is a filter-changing cloth mask made of 100% pure washable cotton, so it can be used repeatedly.

When washing this product, use neutral detergent and wash it by hand. The reindeer mask is not a medical mask, and the mask filter is not sold separately.

Why don’t you give your children a gift of “fun” with the “Reindeer Mask + Hair Band Set” to enjoy the Christmas spirit?


Reindeer Mask + Hair Band SET

【Price】 1,500 yen + Shipping
*It takes a few days for delivery, so I recommend ordering early.