【Amazon】”Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Special Box” collaborated with Calbee will be released exclusively on Amazon!

“Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Special Box”, which includes a set of potato chips including “Potato Chips Consomme W Punch” and CFB figure ” Rathalos” Calbee collaboration limited color commemorating the 15th anniversary of Monhan on February 20, 2020 Release and reservation started from January 19th.


Already # 1 best seller on Amazon!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the monster hunter, Calbee Co., Ltd. has also celebrated its 15th anniversary with 5 bags of “Potato Chips Consomme W Punch” and 5 standard “Potato Chips Consomme Punch”, a total of 10 bags, and Capcom figure builder ” Rathalos” Calbee collaboration limited color set.
In addition, it will be delivered in an original delivery box designed by “Supplied goods BOX” that excites the hunter. Why don’t you try the quest while eating “Potato Chips Consomme W Punch” full of meat and vegetables?

If you are staying in Japan on February 20, it is recommended that you book now.


Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Special Box

【Reservation start date】January 19, 2020
【Release Date】February 20, 2020
【Price】2,709 yen + Tax
【Amazon】 https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B083Y4WX72