【Antivirus】Not just a mask! 13 high-performance items to protect yourself from viruses and pollen.

Japan is a daily necessity for masks such as new viruses and pollen. Although some masks are sold out one after another, there are many types of masks on sale. This time, we will introduce “highly functional items that protect yourself from viruses and pollen,” such as disinfecting goods and masks that can be purchased in lofts.

Mask selected by material, deodorant and color.

Many types of masks are available at convenience stores. Designs and sizes that are suitable for different uses and people, such as colored ones and makeup that does not fall off, have appeared.

(1) Puff Fit Mask

The new product “Puff Fit Mask” (660 yen, tax included) is made of puff material around the mask and the string, making it feel good.

(2) Fade+Deodorant mask regular size

This is also a new product “Fade + deodorant mask regular size” (660 yen, tax included). Excellent item that non-woven fabric containing artificial enzyme cuts odor by 90%, pollen, virus scattering and PM2.5 by 99%.

(3) PITTA Mask

Many people may have seen “PITTA Mask” (522 yen, tax included) at a shop. There are plenty of colors to use according to your mood and fashion. You can choose a mask that suits you from 13 different colors and sizes.

(4) Doctor guard mask

The “Doctor Guard Mask” (440 yen, including tax) has anti-fogging treatment on the glasses, and also conforms to the standard of US medical masks!

(5) Megu Rhythm Hot moisture mask with steam

The perfect way to prevent drying out while you sleep is “Megurisum (Megu Rhythm) Steam Hot Moist Mask” (495 yen, tax included). Steam of about 40 degrees lasts for about 15 minutes from the steam sheet, and the inside of the mask gradually moistens.

Mobile items

(1) Cleve&And Hand Spray

Portable spray for hand poison “Cleve & And Hand Spray” (550 yen, tax included). As well as disinfecting before meals and after toilets, it is ideal for drying measures because it contains moisturizing ingredients.

(2) MoriLabo Pollen barrier stick

“MoriLabo Pollen Barrier Stick” (968 yen, tax included) is recommended when you are just worried about using a mask alone. Just apply on the mask and the scent of fir will coat the pollen itself.

(3) Cleverin Stick pen type

“Cleverin stick pen type” (1,100 yen, including tax) is a pen type of Cleverin that removes viruses and bacteria floating in the space. You can use it in your breast pocket.

Easy item just to put on neck

(1) ible Airvida M1 

The “ible Airvida M1” (22,880 yen, including tax) is an ultra-compact and lightweight neck-cleaning air purifier weighing only 20g! Generates negative ions and removes pollen and PM2.5 by 99%.

(2) CLONITAS Neck mask

The “Clonitas Neck Mask” (990 yen / tax included), which removes viruses, bacteria and odors, is a neck type with a built-in chlorine dioxide generator.

Items that can be used at home

(1) Allele spray

Allele Spray (2,178 yen / tax included) is a spray that can control mites, pollen, deodorize, and remove bacteria. It can be used not only for carpets and curtains, but also for pet licks.

(2) Sourif

“Sourif” (1,430 yen, including tax) is a 99.9% sterilizing and deodorizing spray. It is safe for children and pets because it uses mild alkaline ingredients.


LECLOZ AIR (2,178 JPY / incl. Tax) is a standing-type disinfection deodorant gel. Because it is a Mino ware pottery case, it fits into the interior.


Antivirus goods available at Loft
(*Some products may be sold out.)
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