【Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower】There’s an adult Halloween sweet buffet going on for a limited time!


GOTHIC SWEETS COLLECTION”, a black and red Halloween sweets buffet for adults, will be held at Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower from Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31, 2020.

“Red and Black” Adult Halloween Sweets Buffet

Sky Buffet 51 is a popular restaurant at Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower that serves about 80 dishes made with seasonal ingredients and heart-stopping sweets. With Halloween coming up, Sky Buffet 51 will offer an adult Halloween sweet buffet with a focus on “red and black”.

The “red” sweets express a woman’s passion and love with strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and ruby chocolate. The Crimson Ring Cake, a ring-shaped cake filled with red cream, the Raspberry Inspiration, a layered tree strawberry and chocolate mousse, and the “Temptation at Dawn” mousse dessert with strawberries and ruby chocolate will be available.

The “black” sweets, on the other hand, use bamboo charcoal, black cocoa, black chocolate and blackberries to create a gothic world. The “Jet Black Sachertorte,” a chocolate-covered torch, and the “Black Tart ‘Chocola-noir'” which incorporates bitter chocolate will be available.

Enjoy the fall flavors!
And the meal menu also available.

They also have a full food menu as well as sweets. The menu features a variety of delicious autumnal flavors, such as saury, mushrooms and pumpkin. The menu includes dishes such as saffron and grilled eggplant in the style of Nice, quiche with bacon and various mushrooms, and tomato gratin with pumpkin and penne.


“Gothic Sweets Collection” by Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

【Period】Sep. 1 (Tue) – Oct. 31 (Sat), 2020
【Location(Restaurant)】Sky Buffet 51 at Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower 51st floor
【Address】1-2-1, Benten 1-chome, Minato-ku, Osaka
【Hour】Lunch Buffet 11:30 – 15:00 (90 min)
①11:30~13:00 ②12:00~13:30 ③12:30~14:00 ④13:00~14:30
Dinner Buffet 17:00 – 21:30 (90 min)
①17:00~18:30 ②17:30~19:00 ③18:00~19:30 ④18:30~20:00 ⑤19:00~20:30 ⑥19:30~21:00
Weekdays (Lunch): Adult 3,267yen, Child 1,815yen
Weekdays (Dinner): Adult 5,203yen, Child 2,541yen
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (Lunch): Adults 3,630 yen, Children 2,057 yen
(Dinner): Adults 5,808 yen, Children 2,904 yen