【Baby-G】”BABY-G” 25th anniversary special model was born!

Casual watch “BABY-G” for active women reaches the 25th anniversary in 2019. In commemoration of this, in early May 2019, a special model will debut from the sports line “G-LIDE” with a tide graph function.

White replacement band

The point is the white, blue, and red summer marine tricolor color. Blue and red for logos and hour and minute hands. The band adopts blue nylon band. As it is easy to be familiar with the arm and high in wearability, it seems to be very active in the active scene.

Also, to celebrate the 25th anniversary, a white replacement band will be attached. As we can change only by sliding lever on the back of band, we can choose according to feeling.


Shock Registrant

Because it is a tough body that is resistant to shocks and vibrations, it is extremely active in everyday life and sports. It is a unique Casio structure that is hard to break even if dropped or hit.


Function to measure the total time. It support a wide range of events, from fan runners to recordrs, to full-scale runners.


When the button is pressed, the light turns on and you can check the time even in dark places. It is a very active feature for outdoor and going out at night.

Water Registrant

BABY-G are all over 10 bar
Equipped with a waterproof function. It can also be used in scenes such as water work, swimming and skin diving.

Item Information


15,000 yen (+Tax)



【Hour】10:00 – 21:00
【Location】Grand Front OSAKA North Building 1st floot
【Address】3-1 Oofukachou, Kita- ward, OSAKA