【Baskin & Robbins】 For a limited time only, there’s a whole bunch of snowmen in here!


Baskin & Robbins will launch “MERRY MANY SNOWMEN”, an array of “snowman” ice creams from Sunday, November 1 to Friday, December 25, 2020.

Make your own “snowman” out of your favorite ice cream♪

The “Snowman Pack” is a cute winter-only item that resembles a snowman with a pop-scoop on top of regular-sized ice cream. Put your own ice cream of your choice in a snowman pack and you’ve got yourself a snowman.

A rich “brownie sundae” with a snowman on top

The Brownie Sundae is a rich chocolate brownie and ice cream at the same time. One of your favorite small size ice creams is decorated with whipped cream, a snowman and a star chocolate, topped with thinly shaved chocolate with a crunchy texture, and a snowy powdered sugar topping.

Adorable Snowman & Santa’s Happy Doll

From the Happy Doll line, which transforms ice cream into adorable characters, comes the limited edition Happy Snowman and Lovely Santa, as well as other popular animals in a Christmas edition.

Happy Snowman is cool with a bright red nose, silk hat, and candy cane, all imitated in chocolate. The Lovely Santa Claus is a charming figure with chocolate heart eyes, a red nose, and hair and whiskers made of plenty of whipped cream. He is sure to make your Christmas party even more exciting.



【Sales Period】 Nov 1 (Sun) – Dec 25 (Fri), 2020
【Store】 Baskin & Robbins nationwide