【Baskin Robbins】”Doraemon” image “soda x yogurt” ice and dorayaki ice cream will appear!


“Doraemon Everywhere Soda” ice cream with the image of Doraemon and Dorayaki ice cream will appear from Baskin Robbins (called “31 Ice Cream in Japan”). It will be released for a limited time from March 4, 2020 (Wed).

“Doraemon” inspired soda × yogurt ice cream

Baskin Robbins’s Doraemon Everywhere Soda is a limited time menu that commemorates the release of the movie “Doraemon Nobita’s New Dinosaur”. A refreshing flavor combining soda sorbet and yogurt flavored ice cream. The blue and white visuals like Doraemon are eye-catching.

The accents have a strawberry ribbon inspired by a red nose and collar. Yellow bells are represented using pop-rock candy.

“Doraemon Dokodemo (anywhere) Soda” / Single regular size 390 yen
March 4, 2020 (Wed)-Limited time sale / End as soon as it runs out.

“Ice cream cake” and “Ice cream Dorayaki”

At Baskin Robbins, in addition to the Doraemon Everywhere Soda ice cream, there is also a “Baskin Robbins (31 Ice Cream) Spring Doraemon Festival!” With a menu featuring Doraemon.

They have “Doraemon Ice Cream Cake”, which combines two flavors of popping shower and chopped chocolate, and “Ice Cream Dorayaki”, where you can sand your favorite ice cream with a gentle sweet Dorayaki.


Baskin Robbins (Thirty One) Spring Doraemon Festival!

■Doraemon Dokodemo Soda
【Sales Period】March 4, 2020 (Wed)-Limited time sale
*End as soon as it runs out.
【Price】Single regular size 390 yen

■Doraemon Ice cream Cake
【Sales Period】Wednesday, March 4, 2020-whole year
【Price】No. 5 (about 16cm in diameter x about 5cm in height) 3,300 yen

■Ice cream Dorayaki
【Sales Period】March 4 (Wed)-April 5 (Sun) 2020
*End as soon as it runs out.
【Price】420 yen

【Store】Baskin Robbins (Thirty one ice cream) nationwide