【Baskin-Robbins】First time in Baskin-Robbins history! Easter only! Pop 5, where you can choose your favorite “5” ice cream!


31 Ice Cream (Baskin-RobbinsBaskin-Robbins) has launched Pop Five, an Easter-only ice cream. It will run from Monday, April 6 to Friday, April 24, 2020.

Line up

Pop 5 is the first “31 Ice Cream (Baskin-Robbins) ever” menu item that allows you to fill a waffle cone with “five” pop scoop-sized ice creams. Of course, you can choose your favorite combination of flavors. The layers of colorful, coiled ice cream are as cute as real Easter eggs. The top of the ice cream will also come with a special Easter design pick.

In addition, Thirty One Ice Cream will also be offering several special menus in celebration of Easter. There will be ‘Easter Double Cup’ where you can put whipped cream and color spray on your favorite two ice creams for free, and ‘Easter Happy Doll’ which is an ice cream in an egg-shaped cup with a frog motif.

Easter Happy Doll – Frog, Rabbit – 480 yen each (tax included)


31 Ice Cream (Baskin-Robbins)’s limited-edition Easter menu

【Sales Period】April 6 (Monday) – 24 (Friday), 2020
【Menu Example】
・Pop 5 900 yen (tax included)
・Easter Double Cup Small Double 490 yen (tax included) / Regular Double 710 yen (tax included)
・Easter Happy Doll – 480 yen each (tax included)
*All prices are for reference only. The price range varies from store to store.
*Ends while supplies last.