【Baskin Robbins】One scoop of ice cream is enough for about 10 people! New take-out product “Super Big Cup” will be available in limited quantities!


Baskin Robbins has launched Super Big Cups, a take-out product that holds enough ice cream for about 10 people in one piece. A limited quantity of the product was initially available on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, but due to a number of stores running out of stock, additional sales have been decided.

3,250 yen (including tax) / Prices vary by store.

Each “Super Big Cup” contains enough ice cream for about 10 people

Super Big Cup” was introduced in response to the recent demand for take-out, a single cup of ice cream is big enough for about 10 people to take out. The difference is stark when compared to the regular cup, and you can stock your home with plenty of flavors, including four limited edition flavors that are only available this time of year. Indulge in Baskin Robbins ice cream to your heart’s content, whether it’s for indulgent home time or as a birthday present for your family or yourself.

In addition, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream also has a ‘Hand Pack’ that allows you to fill a pint or quart cup with up to two types of ice cream of your choice and a ‘Variety Pack’ that allows you to take out six or twelve types of ice cream at once.

Variety Pack


Baskin Robbins “Super Big Cup”

【Release Date】June 3 (wed) Limited quantities available.
*Additional sales have been confirmed. We will be able to offer this product to stores that are out of stock.
【Price】3,520 yen (including tax) / Prices vary by store.
*Dry ice is free for up to 30 minutes.
【Store】Baskin & Robbins across the country (Store in Osaka)