【Baskin & Robbins (31 ice cream) of the whole country】”Pokemon” Pikachu fruit mix flavored ice cream and Eevee ice cake will be available for a limited time.


From 31st August to 30th “Pokemon” and Thirty One Ice Cream (Baskin & Robbins) tie-up as “31 Poke Summer! Campaign-Mewtwo’s Counterattack EVOLUTION Release Commemoration ~” and the motif of Pokemon and Eevee as a Pokemon motif Ice cream will appear.

100,000 volts of Pikachu! ~ Fruit mix ~

Ice cream of popular Pikachu motif appears! Pikachu color yellow sorbet is a fruit mix of pineapple, yellow peach, banana, apple and orange. There is a pop rock candy topped with an image of Pikachu’s bright red cheeks. Furthermore, if you sprinkle the Pikachu-shaped sweets that are particular about the expression, 31 ice cream (Baskin & Robbins) is the completion of the first ever Pikachu flavor!

Single, Regular size / 390 yen

Small double can be upsized to regular double for +100 yen! Pokemon double cup.

Small double can be upsized to regular double for +100 yen.
(You can choose 2 pieces of your favorite ice cream.)

They will also be happy to offer the original Pokemon Cup. You can choose your favorite cup from three types, and one double cup comes with a Pikachu spoon! Cups will be first come, first served. So let’s hurry to the store!

(Left) Pikachu, (middle) Mewtwo, (right) Mew
Small Double Reference Price 490 yen (Regular Double Reference Price 590 yen)

Large set of Pokemon! Pokemon Variety Pack.

You can choose your favorite ice cream and take it out “Variety Pack”, and it will appear in a limited Pokemon design BOX! If you take out in a box where colorful ice cream and Pokemon are gathered, everyone is sure to get excited!

Pokemon Variety Pack
Small 6 pieces: 1,550 yen / Small 12 pieces: 2,990 yen
Regular 6 pieces: 2,130 yen / Regular 12 pieces: 4,140 yen

Variety Pack Small

Variety Pack Regular

What a cute! Pokemon Ice Cream Cake (Pikachu / Eevee)

Ice cream cake with Pikachu and Eevee too cute will also appear!
Pikachu ice cream cake wraps popular popping shower and strawberry flavor with yellow whip and chocolate eyes and red cheeks are the charm point!

Pokemon Ice Cream Cake Pikachu / 3,300yen

«Flavour» From inside: popping shower / strawberry

The cute chocolate eye Eevee is chocolate whipped with caramel ribbon and milk chocolate flavors. Decorate your own ears and complete both!

Pokemon Ice Cream Cake Eevee / 3,300 yen

«Flavour» From the inside: caramel ribbon / milk chocolate

With original cake box! (The quantity is limited.)