【Be a princess!】Romantic dessert buffet @ wedding hall 【Limited-time】

A wedding ceremony hall where many couples have been married is recognized as a “Satellite of Lovers Satellite” on April 1st, 2019 as a spot appropriate for the proposal. In commemoration of sweetheart satellite recognition of lover, They are going to open to public the hall where you can not enter and offer the romantic dessert buffet, named “Princess, Cinderella’s Ball” for two days of Sunday, April 14 (Sun) and 14 (Sun).

Details of Buffet

“The Princess Cinderella’s Ball” is a dessert buffet to be held in a refreshing dining venue based on the fairy tale “Cinderella” with the image of a ball in the castle.

You will be able to enjoy about 20 kinds of sweets and snacks that look beautiful, full of seasonal fruits, including a pumpkin carriage tart, a cute puff cream with a mouse shape, and a Mont Blanc imitating a Cinderella’s bloom.

In addition, a photogenic waffle bar is also available that can be topped with fresh cream, fruits, colorful chocolate, etc. There are many photo spots that can be shot with original waffles with multicolored toppings in one hand, so you can take nice photos.

Location and schedule

Location: Nice house at Artgrace Osaka
Address: 2-8-1 Nankokita, Suminoe-ward, Osaka-city, OSAKA

Event date: April 7 (Sun) and 14 (Sun)
Event time: 11:45~13:15 or 14:00~15:30
Price: Adult, 4,500 yen (+ tax)
    Child (6-12 years old), 2,000 yen (+ tax)
    Infant (3-5 years old), 1,000 yen (+ tax)

Reservation: 06-6569-5538
(Mondays and Tuesdays are closed except public holidays.)
or https://restaurant.ikyu.com/110612/plan10807881/

Official Website: https://www.bestbridal.co.jp/osaka/artgrace_osaka/event/
Only Japanese