【Bentencho】”Sola Niwa (Sky Garden) Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER” starts an event on February 22 to commemorate the first anniversary of its opening!

The largest hot spring type theme park in Kansai, “Sola Niwa (Sky Garden) Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER”, will open for one year since its opening on February 26, 2020. Various events and campaigns will be held throughout the year from February 22, 2020, under the theme of “Mecha Eeyan (It’s damn good) Sola Niwa Onsen”.

Kansai’s largest and longest 1st anniversary event.

At the 1st anniversary event, there are plenty of special versions of the special entertainment show at Sola Niwa Onsen, a limited food menu that is gorgeous and shines on SNS, and sales of super special plans. In addition, a special discount campaign will be held to let you feel and experience “Mecha Eeyan (It’s damn good)” at Sola Niwa Onsen.

The event will be held for approximately one year from February 22, 2020 to January 31, 2021. During the period, Stage I from February 22 to May 10, Stage II from May 10 to August, Stage III from September to October, Stage IV from November to January and Spring・ An event where you can enjoy “Mecha Eeyan (It’s damn good)” with a sense of the seasons of summer, autumn and winter will be held throughout the year.

An example of an event scheduled to be held from February 22.

1st anniversary bath -The first one is an Iyokan orange bath with Ii-yokan (good feeling)-

The 26th of every month is a “bath day”, and on the 26th of February, the first anniversary of its opening, the “Iyokan Orange Bath” with the wish of “Ii-yokan (have a good feeling) for the next year” Is done. Surrounded by a total of 100 kg (equivalent to 600) of “Iyokan Orange”, you will receive “Ii-yokan (Good feeling)” with rich citrus aroma. In addition, at the start of the event from February 22 to February 24, there will be a “Hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath” with a Hinoki chip with a message.

Iyokan Orange

【Location】”Large communal bath” in Sola Niwa Onsen
【Period】February 22-24 “Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) bath”
February 26 “Iyokan Orange Bath”
【Hour】From 11:00 to the next morning, 8:30
【Fee】Free (Separate admission fee for Sola Niwa Onsen)

Sola Niwa Entertainment Show
-1st anniversary special version-

Luxurious kimono-style town girls gather on Benten-dori, the main street of Sola Niwa Onsen, for a splendid dance show. Although it is an entertainment show of Sola Niwa hot spring specialty, the 1st anniversary special version is still participatory as before, and everyone can be excited together.

Sola Niwa Entertainment Show

【Location】”Benten-dori (Benten street)” in Sola Niwa Onsen
【Period】From February 22 (only as for 2/26. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
【Hour】About 15 minutes once
【Fee】Participation free (Separate admission fee for Sola Niwa Onsen)

50% off maximum admission!
Advantageous discount campaign.

The “60+” discount, which starts in January, will be charged half the price for those over 60 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, “Student Discount”, “1 Day Discount”, “Pair Discount”, “Leap Year Discount”, etc. are available for many people to use. Please enjoy Sola Niwa Onsen at this opportunity, which is half the price at the maximum. In addition, various events such as “Sola Niwa picture-story show” and “Sola Niwa rakugo” are also planned in plenty, and the limited food seems to have a luxurious menu suitable for the crown of the first anniversary!


Sola Niwa (Sky Garden) Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER

【Address】1-3-2 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi
【Hour】11:00 – Next morning, 9:00 (Last admission 8:00 / Use of public bath until 8:30)
*Only for those under 16 years old until 19:00, only for those under 18 years old until 22:00
【Closing Day】Irregular holiday once a month
【Official Web Site】 https://www.solaniwa.com/