【Beware of heat stroke!】Cool your body to the core, take advantage of Sport Drink!

Summer in Japan is hot and humid and quite physically demanding, but this year’s heat wave has been even hotter, and more and more people are suffering from heat stroke even indoors. Anyway, it’s important to stay hydrated, and speaking of hydration, there is a famous sports drink in Japan, POCARI SWEAT (that’s the name of the product). is a famous sports drink in Japan. A new sports drink product that cools the body from the core, ICE SLURRY, is now available in a pouch type.

Hydration + Cool down

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s POCARI SWEAT ICE SLURRY, created two years ago, is a new pouch-type sports drink that “cools the body to the core”.

As you may know, An “ice slurry” is ice that is fluid. Because of its fine particles, it is easier to penetrate the body than regular ice and has a greater cooling effect. In addition, it helps to replenish water and electrolytes (ions) while effectively cooling the body.

It can be stored at room temperature (best before 9 months), and even if melted and refrozen it will still be a slurry of liquid and fine ice. This is a 100 gram bottle, and the suggested retail price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Hydrate often!

Originally, it was developed for people who work in clothing that makes it difficult for perspiration to evaporate (i.e., it’s hard to lower body temperature), and was initially sold only through official mail order, but from this year, the sales channels have expanded dramatically. You can now easily buy them at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other nearby retailers.

It can also be useful as a countermeasure against the “inadvertent heat” of people who have trouble sweating or who don’t realize how thirsty they are with a mask. Just be sure to hydrate often and watch out for heat stroke!



【Price】180 yen + Tax (100 g)
【Store】Supermarkets and convenience stores across the country