【Buffet】Happy Easter Celebration! 【USJ】


Spring has come!
“The Happy Easter Celebration!” will be held at The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan for a limited time from March 15 (Fri) to June 23 (Sun), 2019.

What kind of event is Happy Easter Celebration?

The Easter Garden appeared in the lobby of The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan, as if you were lost in a wonderland.

A huge Easter bunny about 4 meter (about 13 ft.) will be waiting for you. You will be excited the height that even adults loot up!

The bunny has a gentle green color, because it’s made in a topiary style shaped from plants. And it has a spring costume with pink clothes and a yellow bow tie.

A large pocket watch is for kid’s Travel Concierge, which allows instant travel to cities in US. It looks good in a somewhat mysterious and classical space. It is a great spot for you who like to take fun photography!

Enjoy the Easter Menu in a buffet style!

These are the part of menu.

The Happy Easter Garden will held for a limited time at AKARA buffet style Restaurant, located on the third floor of the hotel. During the period from March 15 (Fri) to June 23 (Sun), 2019, an Easter menu featuring eggs and rabbits will appear.

It is a buffet style to be enjoyed in the party mood, and you can choose from 3 options: Lunch, Petie Dinner and Grand Dinner.

At the entrance of restaurant, large egg and flowers are placed on the mark. What kind of fun menu will each appear? Let’s check it out!

Menu & Price

Lunch price
Adult:¥1,850 (tax included)
Child(6-12 years old):¥1,150 (tax included)
Infant (4-5 years old) :¥650 (tax included)

Cute bunny omelet that chef makes in front of you !

Petit Dinner price
Adult:¥2,000 (tax included)
Child(6-12 years old):¥1,300 (tax included)
Infant (4-5 years old) :¥800 (tax included)

If you focus on cost performance, we recommend an affordable petite dinner ♪
You can taste the main dish of meat and fish. There are unique Easter menus such as “Egg hunt salad” with hidden eggs in it and egg shaped “Rice Croquettes” as well as standard menus such as beef curry and soup. Of course! there is a dessert! so you will be satisfied at a reasonable price!

Grand Dinner Buffet
Adult:¥4,350 (tax included)
Child(6-12 years old):¥2,700 (tax included)
Infant (4-5 years old) :¥1,400 (tax included)

The grand dinner will be more luxurious and will welcome you in a full buffet of Japanese, Western and Chinese. In the Easter limited menu, pay attention to “Sweet Baked Ham” and “Easter Bunny Omelette”!

“Sweet baked ham” familiar in US is the menu of this spring new appearance. It will cut a big ham on the spot. The taste of smoked ham and the collaboration with the outside sweetness are something I would like you to experience.

In addition, the menu is very satisfying even for adults such as domestic beef roast beef, tempura and nigiri sushi. The chef will provide these in front of you!

In addition to the menu of great fulfillment, Easter sweets such as “carrot pound cake”, egg-shaped pudding and rabbit ear cupcakes also appear.

Colorful “mini rolled cake” and Chocolate fountain which you can taste two kind of chocolates will be great for SNS (Photography)!
You can make an original parfait, so it will be a fun dinner until the end ♪

If you can read Japanese, go to here.
If you can’t, call to Hotel. 06-6460-0109

Information of Hotel & Restaurant

The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studio Japan
Phone: 06-6460-0109
Address: 6-2-52 Shimaya, Konohana-ward, Osaka-city, OSAKA
Access: 1 min walk from Universal City Station, JR