【Buzz Recipe of the Day♪】The microwavable, “Bowl of rice with chicken & ultra-melted, half-boiled egg.”


The Japanese chef, Ryuji, has shared some of the easiest but most delicious recipes that have been buzzed about so far, and I’d like to share them with you here! It would be great if you could enrich your time at home with delicious food!

Bowl of rice with chicken & ultra-melted, half-boiled egg.


100 g chicken
1/8 of an onion
2 tablespoons of water.
1 tablespoon of white dashi
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of mirin
2 eggs


① Put the chicken, onion, water, white broth, soy sauce and mirin in a bowl, wrap lightly and cook in a 600w microwave for 4 minutes.
② Lightly beat 2 eggs, put half of them in (1), wrap and heat for 40 seconds. Add the rest of the eggs and heat for another 40 seconds and you’re done!