【Cafe】Spring-only limited pancake debuts! 【Butter】


At “Butter”, a pancake specialty store, “Butter Haru Ranman* Fair” is being held at all stores!
And you can enjoy a limited edition of the spring menu, such as pancakes combining rich and fragrant pudding brulee with cherry blossom meringue and cherry ice cream, and fluffy souffle pancake with milky strawberry cream!

*Haru Ranman means “Spring is in full bloom”

Cherry and strawberry harmony!
Pudding brulee & pancake

Butter’s standard butter pancake topped with crispy cherry meringue, strawberries and berries. A rich and fragrant pudding brulee and cherry ice cream with a refreshing scent are combined. As for the additional strawberry sauce, please at the timing of your choice. It is a springish dish that you can enjoy the harmony of cherry blossom and strawberry sweet and sour.

“Spring fragrant strawberry-rich brulee pancake” ¥1,380 (+tax)

A luxurious combination of milky strawberry and fluffy pancake.

It’s a luxurious pancake with the exquisite texture of the sour fluffy souffle pancake, the gentle sweetness of the smooth “milky strawberry cream” made with white chocolate and strawberries, and the sourness of the original mixed berry sauce. They express spring visit with pretty cherry meringue of topping.

“Whole spring milky strawberry fluffy pancake” ¥1,280 (+tax)

Pink lemonade with pancake and perfect cherry scent!

A cherry blossom pink color lemonade with a refreshing scent of cherry blossoms and sour taste of lemon can be enjoyed. By adding the scent of cherry blossoms to the lemon, the gorgeous taste was added to the refreshing taste. It’s a fashionable cup of cherry blossoms accented with sweet honey. It’s also excellent compatibility with Butter’s pancake.

Pink flamingo lemonade
¥480 (+tax)

Season parfait that you can enjoy various marriage also comes up!

A seasonal parfait with a spring theme will also appear at the limited store from March 25. (It’s limited to 2 stores in Osaka.)

A combination of acidity and bitterness, with bitter sour cream combined with sour orange and pink grapefruit. The texture is accented with crispy feuillantine* and cocoa biscuits.

*feuillantine is a very thin piece which is like a baked crepe broken.

Chocolat Orange
¥980 (+tax)

This parfait is an exquisite combination of sweetness and sourness, combining cherry ice cream with strawberry and pistachio, sour cherry jelly and smooth milk strawberry cream. It’s an item that can eat only now!

HARU – Flower Letter –
¥1,080 (+tax)

Store Information

Chayamachi Store

Address :
Chayamachi Garden Hill 2F
4-4 Chayamachi, Kita-ward,
Phone: 06-6374-1166
Hour: 10:00 – 22:00
Open Mon to Sun

Abeno Hoop Store

Address: HOOP B1F
1-2-30 Abenosuji, Abeno-ward,
Phone: 06-6629-2333
Hour: 11:00~23:00
Fixed holiday follows Abeno Hoop