【Cafe】Springiness is fully open! New menu of “Eggs’ n Things” dyed in pink!


From “Eggs’ n Things”, which offers a wonderful Hawaiian breakfast based on the concept of “All Day Breakfast”, a new menu colored with springy pink is from March 22 (Fri) to April 25 (Thu) Appeared in limited!

The spring-limited menu of pancake is…

The “strawberry with cherry whipped pancake” which added slightly sweet cherry-flavored whipped cream with pancake with strawberry paste 1480 yen (+ tax), is characterized by a fresh taste that is finished with fromage bran and domestically produced strawberries.

An exceptionally cute dish topped with spring-colored petals and strawberries will be instagenic!

“strawberry with cherry whipped pancake” ¥1,480 (+tax)

Pink Benedict !?

“Beat Sauce’s Pink Benedict” is an eye-catching item that is a colorful sauce that mixes beets and white sauce that attracts attention as a super food. Since the smoked salmon is sanded with nutrient-rich avocado and rich mozzarella cheese, it’s enough to eat!

“Beat Sauce’s Pink Benedict ” ¥1,380 (+tax)

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