【Café comme ça】A short cake from Ehime “Blood Orange” and mango cream will be released for one day, Apr. 22.


Café comme ça sells limited cakes for only 1day, which is 22nd every month. April is a short cake combining blood orange, which can only be eaten now, with mango cream of moderate sweetness.

A short cake of Ehime Prefecture “blood orange” and mango cream

One day limited cake!

“Ehime Prefecture’s” Blood Orange “and mango cream short cake”, which uses only rare domestic blood orange that can only be eaten at this time, is a limited edition only on April 22nd. The fluffy orange sponge is richly decorated with blood orange and mango cream of moderate sweetness, which is characterized by its gorgeous aroma, rich sweetness and firm acidity. It is a refreshing short cake combined with sweetness modest fresh cream.

Store Information

Café comme ça is a café developed nationwide, but there is only one store in Osaka.

Address / Keihan city mall 2F 1-1 Tenmabashi kyomachi Chuo-ward, Osaka
Phone / 06-6910-5237 (Only Japanese)
Hour / 10:00 – 20:00