【Café comme ça】Limited cakes with oranges!


The “Shikoku Uwajima, Orange Story” will be held at “Café comme ça” from March 28 to April 14.

Limited Cakes

This is a cake of “Kiyomi Orange” from Nishiya Farm, which has been ripened until just before shipping and condensed sweetness, and decorated with luxury, “Uwajima Ehime Prefecture Nishiya Farm Produce Treetop Ripened” Kiyomi Orange ” .

“Kiyomi Orange” cake
(Base: Fromage Blanc)

Uwajima’s farmland is blessed with a temperate climate and Rias coastline topography. “Blood orange” made there is grown rich in sunlight, so it has a rich sweetness that is full of juice. Enjoy it with a good chocolate cream and blood orange jam cream inside.

“Blood orange” and chocolate cream cake
(Base: Mascarponee )

Gorgeous short cake!

“Uwa Gold” and “Setoka” short cakes from Uwajima Island, Ehime Prefecture, will also be released, using refreshing “Uwa Gold” with plenty of juice and rich “Setoka” with rich sweetness.

Uwa Gold and Setoka shortcake from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture

Store information

Café comme ça is a café developed nationwide, but there is only one in Osaka.

Address / Keihan city mall 2F 1-1 Tenmabashi kyomachi Chuo-ward, Osaka
Phone / 06-6910-5237 (Only Japanese)
Hour / 10:00 – 20:00