【Cafe in Dojima】Cake shop “POIRE de Junesse” where you can use a cafe until midnight.


You may want to eat something sweet at night. I would like to introduce you to “POIRE de junesse,” a cake shop that can be used as a cafe until midnight at Kita-Shinchi (Dojima), next to Umeda in Osaka, in the bar area of ​​Osaka.


POIRE was originally a cake shop located in Tezukayama, a luxury residential area in Osaka, and currently has branches in Abeno Harukas and Dojima. Cakes and cafe menus supported by discerning customers living in high-end residential areas are all excellent! At POIRE de junesse, you can enjoy such cakes and drinks until midnight.


To be clear, everything is delicious. So basically ask for what you want to eat.

POIRE a la mode

“POIRE A La Mode” is a dessert with pudding ala mode and shortcake. It may look big because it has one whole shortcake and pudding, but it’s not that big, so it’s a good size to eat at night.

Vert Clair

It is an elegant and gorgeous cake with Tsujirihei’s matcha mousse in Kyoto, citron scent and crispy biscuit accents, and beautiful layers in the cake.

Fromage CRU 

It is a simple cheese cake with a delicious and smooth texture. The gentle and creamy cheesecake is accented with strawberry jam and you won’t get bored, so you’ll be able to eat at night.


POIRE de junesse

【Hour】12:00 – 25:00 / Saturday 12:00 – 24:00
【Holiday】Sunday and Holidays
【Address】Okina Building 1F, 1-2-13 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06-6344-1601