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Rilakkuma Japanese sweet “TABE MASU* Rilakkuma, Sakura(Cherry blossoms) Rilakkuma”, which looks so cute and like spring, will be released at Lawson nationwide on March 26th.

*TABE MASU (食べマス)is a made word, Taberu (Eatable) + Mascot.
Bandai says it’s a brand of character confectionery named after “Eatable Mascot”, and expresses characteristics of characters using candy, sugar, glutinous flour, and so on.

Can you eat them?

Source: Bandai

“Sakura (Cherry brossoms) Rilakkuma” is a two-piece set of Rilakkuma with cherry blossoms in front of the chest and Kiiroitori (means yellow bird) with cherry blossoms on the head.

Item details

The jam in the inside of Rilakuma is blown sugar syrup paste (Kuromitsu-an) and Kiiroitori is a paste, flavor of cherry blossoms’ syrup. It is the first time in the “Tabe-masu” (Eatable Mascot) series that use Sakura flavor with cherry leaf.

Source: BANDAI
Source: BANDAI

When and Where you can find it?

This damn cute sweets will start to sell from March 26 and end as soon as it disappears at Lawson nationwide!

The price is 366 yen (+tax)