【Capsule toy】Honed abs in supporting the chopsticks “Muscle Chopstick Rest” appeared!

Capsule toy product of “macho chopstick rest” using macho’s rectus straight muscle, “Too macho chopstick rest” was released on December 7!

Capsule toy “Too macho chopstick rest”.

The capsule toy “Too macho chopstick rest” is a small version of the macho chopstick rest by illustrator Nobuyuki Saito, which has already been released.

The lineup is “normal”, “tanned”, and “well-tanned” depending on the sunburn condition of the body. Even gold, silver, and bronze that smell a mysterious luxury. And 7 kinds including secret. The price is 200 yen per time. Why don’t you make a little laugh souvenir with extra coins?

Where you can find this toy?

Let’s go on a journey to find this capsule toy! There are two huge Gacha Gacha jungles in Osaka!

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda & LINX UMEDA

Yodobashi Tower has more than 1,800 Gachas, including Multimedia Umeda, Links Umeda, and Hotel Hankyu Respire Osaka. It is the best Gacha jungle in Osaka.

Left) Multi Media Umeda / Right) Links Umeda

Main location of Gacha-Gacha

Multimedia Umeda 5F, Gacha-Gacha Jungle (900 units)

Here, there are 900 units where the number is the largest. The 5th floor is a toy section and it is in one corner.

Links Umeda 2F, Lausanne Avenue (330 units)

When you leave the second floor fashion floor and go to the indoor passage,

It is lined up like this along the wall of the aisle.

Gacha-Gacha is installed on the first basement floor of Multimedia Umeda, outside the entrance and on the second basement floor of Multimedia Umeda, next to the electric bicycle test drive course.

Kansai Airport

At Kansai International Airport, more than 100 gachas are installed in Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. Although the number is small compared to Yodobashi Umeda, it is probably the best location to find before returning to Japan.