【Cat lovers, gather round!】 All-you-can-eat “cat sweets” at Sweets Paradise starts tomorrow!


Nyandaful Sweets”, a collection of cat-themed sweets, will be held at all Sweets Paradise stores from February 22 (Tuesday) to May 15 (Sunday), 2022.

All-you-can-eat “Cat Sweets” at “Nyandaful Sweets

The “Sweets Para Nyansu” event, which was held in 2020 and 2009 and was very popular, is a sweets event for cat lovers, where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat cat-inspired sweets. This year’s “Nyandaful Sweets” is the third edition of the event.

Strawberry chiffon with paw prints, etc.

The lineup includes spring-only cat sweets in red and pink tones. The venue will be decorated with “Lemon and Milk Mousse with Pink Chocolate Flavor” adorned with a cute white cat’s paw, “Strawberry and Raspberry Chiffon” using plenty of seasonal strawberries, and “Matcha Chiffon with Strawberry and Cherry Flavor” with a hint of cherry blossoms.

Also, during this period, the “Busaneko” illustration artist “Busanekokan” will be providing the “Busaneko” illustrations, and the Busaneko army “Para-Nyans” will be taking over Sweets Paradise. This is a unique space where the unique busanekos lurk everywhere in the store, introducing their own recommended menu items.

In addition, the gacha gacha (capsule toy) at the store will also have “Nyandaful Sweets” specifications. The gacha gacha at the store will also have a “Nyandaful Sweets” version, with an acrylic key holder featuring the Para-Nyans.

*Busaneko = clumsy cat


Nyandaful Sweets

【Sales Period】 Feb. 22 (Tue), 2022 – May 15 (Sun), 2022
【Store】 All Sweets Paradise stores *Only stores that offer buffets.
【Store in Osaka】 Umeda, Tennoji Mio, Expo City
【Price】 Adults 1,100 yen, children 870 yen and up
*All groups must order the same course.
*Sales may be cancelled without prior notice depending on availability.

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