【Chayamachi】BeNe, the cheese and fresh honey store, is now open in Umeda!


Cheese and fresh honey specialty store “BeNe” opens in NU Chayamachi, Umeda, Osaka on Saturday, August 29, 2020!

Cheese & Fresh Honey Specialty Store!

BeNe, a shop specializing in cheese and fresh honey, will open in the Kanayama area of Nagoya in July 2020. Its “sinful crossover” of cheese and fresh honey drew a lot of attention and became popular on social media. “BeNe” will make its first appearance in Umeda, Osaka.

A total of 12 types of cheese will be used, including Swiss and Italian cheeses, mainly from the Kushiro area of Hokkaido. The raw honey is sold directly from “Gahoen” in Sakai, Osaka. Unlike heated “honey”, honey is collected from the hives of bees without heating, so it is not only tasty, but is also said to be high in beauty and nutrients.

All-You-Can-Eat Cheese Lunch

BeNe, a restaurant specializing in cheese and raw honey, offers different menus for day and night. At lunchtime, you can eat all-you-can-eat four types of cheese and fresh honey, with a focus on fresh cheese. They also have a great deal on a one-plate lunch of deli and main grill with all-you-can-eat cheese.

In the evening, cheese dishes like Raclette and Camembert cheeses with richness and flavor will be developed. Among the most popular items are the voluminous Flowing Cheese Chicago Pizza and the Raclette Cheese Grille, which is homemade roast beef with a generous dollop of raclette cheese.

Flowing Cheese Chicago Pizza 1,480 yen + tax

Fresh honey-filled sweets and drinks

In addition to food, they also offer a full menu of sweets and drinks. We recommend the raw honey and mascarpone French toast, in which the staff sears and melts the hive honey in front of you, and the homemade raw honey lemonade, in which the lemon is soaked in raw honey.


Cheese & Fresh Honey Specialty Store, “BeNe”

【Opening Date】Aug 29 (Sat), 2020
【Location】NU Chayamachi 9th floor
【Address】10-12 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 22:00