【Christmas Cake Feature】 BEL AMER’s Christmas Cakes for 2022 include a delicate shortcake that looks like “snow”

BEL AMERBEL is also now offering a Christmas cake for the year 2022.

BEL AMERBEL’s 2022 Christmas Cake

Delicate shortcake like “snow

“Noël Neige” has been gaining popularity every year. It is a shortcake delicately arranged with white chocolate to resemble snow. The sponge cake is filled with strawberry-flavored white chocolate cream, whipped cream, and strawberry compote.

“Noël Neige” No. 3: 3,024 yen / No. 4: 4,104 yen / No. 5: 5,400 yen

Melt-in-your-mouth like raw chocolate

“Luxe Amer” is a chocolate cake made with flourless chocolate dough sandwiched between original bitter chocolate ganache mousse. It has a mouth-feel like raw chocolate.

“Luxe Amer” 3,996 yen

Red Buche de Noel with berries

Check out the Buche de Noel with its gorgeous red color. Ruby chocolate mousse is filled with raspberry bavarois and jelly. The cake is topped with three kinds of berries for an even more gorgeous appearance.

Red Buche de Noel, 4320 yen

Chocolate cake beautiful to the cross section

“Chocolat de Noel” is a bitter chocolate ganache mousse cake filled with pistachio cream, raspberry jelly, and crispy crumble. In addition to its smooth texture and special flavors, you can enjoy the Christmas-colored cross section of the cake when you cut it open.

“Chocolat de Noel” 5,184 yen



【Reservation Period】 From Saturday, October 1, 2022
【Store】 BEL AMERBEL stores *Except Iwataya Fukuoka main store and Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store
【Official Website】 https://belamer.jp/