【Christmas Cake Feature】 Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto’s Christmas Cake 2022 is a traditional Southern French pastry “Montelimar” in Kyoto style. 【Kyoto】

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is introducing a new Christmas cake for 2022, available for reservation from November 1 (Tuesday) to December 20 (Tuesday), 2022.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, New Christmas Cake for 2022

Reiko Yokota, pastry chef of the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, and her team have put their skills to the test in creating their signature Christmas cakes. 2022 will feature two types: “Kyoto Montelimar,” a Kyoto-style interpretation of a traditional southern French pastry, and “Vin Chaud (hot wine) Cinnamon Chocolate,” a cake made with vin chaud (hot wine). Cinnamon Chocolate” which is a cake made with vin chaud (hot wine).

From left) “Vanchot Cinnamon Chocolate” (16cm) 5,500 yen, “Kyoto Montelimar” (16cm) 5,500 yen

“Kyoto Montelimar.”

Kyoto Montelimar,” with its cute silhouette resembling a Christmas wreath, is a traditional Southern French pastry “Montelimar” made with honey and nuts in a mousse and finished with yuzu and sencha green tea in the Kyoto style.

The cake is made with a base of sencha tea joconde dough and cream, and a layer of nougat mousse filled with nuts and “Kyo Hyakka” honey from Kyoto, creating a Japanese cake with different textures and flavors. The brightly colored flowers scattered in the mousse also create a festive atmosphere suitable for Christmas.

“Kyoto Montelimar” (16cm) 5,500 yen

Vin Chaud Cinnamon Chocolate

The “Vin Chaud Cinnamon Chocolate” is a chocolate cake inspired by “Vin Chaud (hot wine),” a classic European winter drink with a hint of spice. The cinnamon-flavored chocolate mousse is enhanced with a spice- and berry-flavored red wine jelly and apple-cinnamon compote to create an adult Christmas cake with a more aromatic flavor.

“Van Chaud Cinnamon Chocolate” (16cm) 5,500 yen

Classic stollen and pastries with Christmas motifs are also available.

Other items on offer include a special stollen with a rich aroma and luxurious taste, pastries incorporating Christmas motifs such as Santa and snowman, and aromatic gingerbread cookies made with seven different types of spices.

Santa Bread 600 yen, Snowman Bread 600 yen, Marron and Orange Kugloff 450 yen, Stollen 1,800 yen, Set of 6 Gingerbread Cookies 1,800 yen


Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto Christmas Cake 2022

【Reservation Period】 Tuesday, November 1 – Tuesday, December 20, 2022
【Delivery Period】 Friday, December 23 – Sunday, December 25, 2022
【Store】 Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, 1F Restaurant “Brasserie
【Business Hour】 10:00 – 20:00
【Reservation & Inquiries】 075-541-8288
【Official Website】 https://www.fourseasons.com/jp/kyoto/landing-pages/property/festive-2022/