【Christmas Cake Feature】 Ginza Six’s Christmas Cakes for 2022 include a cake with the image of “Santa Claus’ hat. 【Tokyo, Ginza】

Introducing GINZA SIX’s Christmas cake for 2022.

Luxury Christmas cake for adults

The unique appearance of the “Bonnet de Noel” from popular Parisian patisserie Arnaud L’Aire Paris, featuring a Santa Claus hat, is eye-catching. The cake, with its lusciously fragrant vanilla bavaroise and raspberry gelée studded with raspberry pulp, is as lovely as if it came out of a fairy tale.

Patisserie Pavlov presents a “Premium Christmas Cake” that is as gorgeous as a wedding cake: a three-tier strawberry shortcake covered with white chocolate powder that resembles powdered snow and decorated with a large flower made of white chocolate work. Chocolate balls covered with silver foil and whipped cream are added to accent the decorations.

Patisserie Pavlov also sells “Neige,” a beautiful white chocolate work with delicate white chocolate work inspired by Christmas candles. Inside the pure white look, there are eight layers of chocolate dough, two kinds of ganache chocolate mousse, and biscuit chocolat.

The colorful tones of Mercer Bis GINZA’s “Christmas Chiffon Cake” will lift your spirits. The chiffon cake, made with egg whites and rice flour, has a soft and fluffy texture and is available in two varieties: Christmas caramel with bittersweet caramel sauce and white raspberry. The whipped cream is not too sweet and goes perfectly with the bitter coffee.

Kurogi Chasen’s “Shirokuneri Uji Matcha Cake” is made with carefully selected Uji green tea from Fukujuen in Kyoto, crossed with just the right amount of acidity from the cream cheese and sweetness from the white chocolate to give it a strong, delicious flavor. It is an item to be enjoyed with Japanese green tea.

Arnaud L’Aire Paris offers a limited edition arrangement of his masterpiece “Toulouse Lautrec” for 2022. A variety of chocolates such as 70% cacao bitter chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, and biscuit have been condensed to showcase the charm and skill of the chocolatier. Along with the sophisticated design, visitors can enjoy the luscious charm of chocolate.

Cheesecake, Stollen and other sweets.

Christmas sweets sold at GINZA SHICKS stores are also attractive. Marlow’s “Hokkaido Basque Cheesecake and Two Types of Jam Set” is a richly flavored cake made with plenty of Hokkaido cream cheese and fresh cream and finished with almond pudding. The set also includes blueberry jam and raspberry jam with black tea for a different flavor.

In addition, a wide selection of sweets such as “Stollen” from Signifiant Signifie Plus and “Christmas Pudding” from Patisserie GIN NO MORI will further enhance the Christmas spirit.


GINZA SIX 2022 Christmas Cake
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