【Conrad Osaka】 They are taking reservations for Christmas cake and chocolates!


From Monday, October 5, Conrad Osaka began accepting reservations for two types of Christmas cakes, “Christmas Night” and “Christmas Sky”, a cake for one person with three types of Christmas ornaments and a Christmas chocolate box.

Conrad Osaka’s Christmas 2020 Cake

For Christmas 2020, Jimmy Bouley, Executive Pastry Chef of Conrad Osaka, will present three types of cakes: (1) two types of cakes inspired by the night sky and the blue sky of Christmas shared with loved ones,
(2) ornament-shaped cakes for one person to decorate their evening, and (3) an exciting chocolate box decorated with Christmas colors.

Christmas Night

The “Christmas Night” is inspired by the beautiful star-studded Christmas night sky. Jimmy Bouley’s original pattern of chocolate chips in layers of dark chocolate glaze represents a shining night sky, and he wished for everyone’s wishes to come true at Christmas, which he likened to a shooting star. The interior is layered with raspberry compote, jam, and ganache, with a rich chocolate mousse that surrounds it, and a tartness that reduces the sweetness to a clean, refreshing taste. Almond sponge and crunchy cocoa biscuits enrich the texture and provide a rich taste. Delivered gluten-free*, this Christmas cake is a great choice for the health conscious customer.

Christmas Night, 5,800 yen, 18cm in diameter, 9cm in width, 12cm in height (including ornaments), 8cm in length (ornament only)

Christmas Sky

The “Christmas Sky” was inspired by the clear blue sky and snowy landscape seen from the window on Christmas morning. The coconut mousse is filled with the perfect apricot compote, crispy almond phiantine, and vanilla crémieux, among other textures. Spend a special time indoors with a cake that feels like a clear winter sky.

Christmas Sky, 5,800 yen, 17.5 cm in diameter, 9 cm in width, 11 cm in height

Three types of ornament cakes

The Christmas Sky Ornament, a delightful coconut combination of apricot compote; the Christmas Shooting Star, where the tartness of the strawberry mousse and compote matches the richness of the pistachios; and the Christmas Night Ornament, where the fruity tartness of the raspberries and the rich chocolate mousse are more mature. Each ornament-shaped cake represents Christmas in all its glory and is the perfect way to treat yourself.

From left to right: Christmas Sky Ornament, Christmas Shooting Star and Christmas Night Ornament 6cm in diameter, 1,300 yen each

Christmas Chocolate Box

The chocolates are eye-catching in their Christmas colors when you open the box, and are available in six different varieties with various spices. Six chocolates with traditional techniques, innovative decorations and a unique taste for spices that only the Frenchman Jimmy can create will bring a pleasant surprise to your loved ones.

Christmas Chocolate Box, 6 pieces, 3,000 yen

(1) “Snowball”

Muscadine, a traditional French chocolate (named after the shape of the ground surface of a nutmeg). This chocolate has a bitter, mature taste that contrasts with its appearance with cognac, nutmeg and chocolate ganache.

(2) “Spicy Santa”

The aroma of ichimi (cayenne pepper powder), sansho (zanthoxylum fruit), sesame paste and the sweetness of honey complement each other in this vividly colored Christmas chocolate.

(3) “Christmas Tree”

The image of a Christmas tree piled with snow has been created with the rich sweetness of vanilla and caramel with a hint of rosemary’s coolness.

(4) “Rainbow”

Pan d’épices (French for spiced bread) finished with gingerbread praline and covered in chocolate. Covered with a special holographic sheet that changes its shine depending on the angle at which it is illuminated, this mysterious creation is the result of a fusion of traditional French confectionery techniques and the latest technology that only Jimmy can create.

(5) “Orange Ornament”

The sweet aroma of cinnamon melds with the flavor of Grand Marnier, a liqueur with a strong orange flavor, to create a fruity chocolate.

6) “Stardust Truffle”

A ganache with Earl Grey tea and whiskey flavoring for a prestigious taste.


Conrad Osaka’s Christmas 2020 Cake

【Reservation Period】 Oct 5 (Mon) – Dec 24 (Thu), 2020 *Up to 3 days before the date of purchase
【Receiving Period】 Dec 5 (Sat) – Dec 27 (Wed), 2020
【Receiving Hour】 11:00 – 20:00
【Location】 Patisserie Aeria (40th floor of Conrad Osaka Hotel)
【Reservation】06-6222-0111 or Online
*If you make a reservation through our website by Nov 11 (Wed), you will receive a 10% discount on the early bird special. (Only if you apply online).