【Conrad Osaka】 Travel the world while staying in Japan? World Traveling Strawberry Sweets Buffet: Theme will be Korea in March and Bali in April.


Conrad Osaka’s “‘Travel 4 Strawberries’ – Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Travel the World” will feature new Korean and Balinese themed sweets. The event will last until April 25 (Sun.), 2021.

New theme is Korea and Bali

The “Travel 4 Strawberries” strawberry sweets buffet will be held at the Conrad Tokyo from January to April 2021. Following France and Italy in January and February, sweets from Korea will appear in March and Bali in April.

Strawberry Sweets in Korea in March

From the Korean sweets that will be rolled out in March, Baekseolgi, a traditional Korean rice cake sweet made into a cake with a layer of strawberry powder, and Hotteok, a fried cake with strawberries kneaded into the dough, will be available.

There will also be many other strawberry sweets that look pretty, such as the Strawberry Tuncalon, which is a pink macaroon with plenty of cream and strawberries. The savory lineup includes about 10 Korean dishes such as pancakes, kimpa, kimchi, and japchae. You can enjoy not only the sweets but also the special dishes prepared by the hotel chef.

Coconut-Scented Strawberry Sweets from Bali

In April, strawberry-arranged sweets from Bali, famous for its coconuts, will be available. Strawberry Dadar Gulung” is a coconut crepe with a strawberry flavored filling, and “Strawberry Kulpon” is a rice cake sweet arranged with strawberries and covered with coconut.

Also available is “Pisang Goreng,” a fried sweet that has been a favorite in Bali for centuries. It is served in a dipping style with homemade strawberry sauce and Bali’s 64% dark chocolate.

In the savory section, you can fully enjoy the authentic Balinese cuisine prepared by chefs who have been trained in Bali.


Travel 4 Strawberries” – Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Travel the World

【Period】 – Apr 25 (Sun), 2021
【Hour】 Weekdays 15:00-17:00,
Weekends and holidays 14:30-18:00, two-part system (Part 1: 14:30-16:00 or Part 2: 16:30-18:00)
Weekdays: Adults: 4,900 yen + tax, Children: 2,450 yen + tax
Weekends and holidays: Adults: 5,300 yen + tax, Children: 2,650 yen + tax
【Place】 Conrad Osaka 40F Atmos Dining
【Reservation】 06-6222-0111