【CONRAD OSAKA】A sweet buffet with a leading role as “Peach” will be held from June 1 for a limited time.


Conrad Osaka will host “Royal Pink Celebration”-“Peach Garden Suites Buffet” with “Peach” as the leading role. The period is limited to Friday, weekends and public holidays from June 1 (Sat) to August 31 (Sat), 2019.

Atmos Dining

Atmos, as the name suggests, you can enjoy the extraordinary scenery that the world that pierces through the clouds changes its expression every moment, as the name suggests.

Step into such Atmos Dining, there is a sophisticated secret garden lined with royal pink flowers and sweets.

“Royal Pink Celebration”
“Peach Garden Suites Buffet”

“Royal Pink Celebration”-Peach Garden Suites Buffet-is a buffet with sweets using peaches.

Peach sweets include “Peach and vanilla tropèzienne ” with arrangement of French traditional confections sanded with vanilla cream and brioche, “Peach and coconut mousse” with gold powder, corn and sweet and sour with a crisp texture. The lineup includes “pink corn vanilla cream peach and apricot sauce” and “vanilla and yellow peach millefeuille”, which are matched with peach sauce.

There is also a “secret” peach sweet for every single item. Sweets using fruit other than peach appear, too. You can taste “Raspberry mousse blackberry and violet jelly” with a size impact of 60 cm, pancake that eats a combination of handmade jam of peach and apricot, “Apricot marshmallow” with refreshing acidity, etc. .

You can also eat as many ruby ​​chocolate bar sweets with dried fruits and nuts as ruby ​​chocolate with a natural pinkish and berry-like acidity, and ruby ​​chocolate lollipops with a rose and cherry scent.

As well as sweets, there are also rich savory items such as “baked chicken thigh with peach” and “peach, ricotta, nuts and chives quiche”.
20 kinds of sweets, 10 kinds of savory items, coffee and tea included.


“Royal Pink Celebration”-“Peach Garden Suites Buffet”

【Period】June 1st to August 31 st. *Friday, Weekend, Holidays limited
【Hour】15:00 – 17:00
【Location】Atmos Dining (40th floor of Conrad Osaka)
【Address】3-2-4 Nakanoshima, Kita-ward, OSAKA
【Price】Adult 4,500 yen (+Tax) / Child (6 – 12 years old) 2,250 yen (+Tax)
*Under 5 years old is free.