【Convenient Service!】No need to carry your baggage anymore!

A baggage delivery service was launched in Kyoto and Osaka on the same day and “GPS” management is also possible.

Using locker?

There is no guarantee that lockers are always open. And if you use a locker, you will have to return to that point again.

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Move with baggage?

When traveling to a hotel or heading to the airport, it’s hard to move with your suitcase and baggage, right? In particular, i’s difficult to carry your baggage in a packed train or bus.

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What kind of service is it?

For tourists, a baggage that gets in the way during daytime sightseeing but it becomes a necessity at night and in the morning. GIGA RABBIT is committed to delivery on the day and provides a service to deliver the baggage deposited at the front desk etc. by 11 am to the designated hotel on the same night. So you can go to the next hotel without a baggage and enjoy sightseeing in empty-handed.

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You can truck your baggage anytime!

The location of the baggage can be identified in real time by GPS.
Did the deliver pick up your valuable baggage from the hotel where you were staying safely? When does it arrive at the hotel tonight? It is natural for Japan to deliver products as promised but it’s may be not in your country.

GIGA RABBIT provides e-mail notification at the time of pick up and arrival, and you can check the location of the baggage by GPS and track them in real time, so you can enjoy sightseeing with confidence.

Easy reception

GIGA RABBIT prepares websites for five languages ​​(Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), and from request to payment, confirmation of the location of the suitcase, everything on the website easily. You can use a credit card for payment, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Alipay and Ginkgo cards.

Refund service is available!

GIGA RABBIT emphasizes on-day delivery, and refunds the shipping cost if the suitcase can not be delivered by 8:00 pm on the day. If they couldn’t deliver on the day, they will pay 10,000 yen as an expense for purchasing daily goods.

GO-EN (Five yen) Service !?

Have you ever seen 5 yen coin? As you may know, five is “GO” in Japanese. So we refer to this five-yen coin as “go-en”. And speaking about “yen”, our currency’s proper pronunciation is “en”. “En” also has another meaning such as “fate”, “Destiny”, “chance” and “relatedness”.

GIGA RABBIT offers a special service for polishing 5-yen coins and attaching 10 shiny 5-yen coins to your baggage tag.

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