【Cool Japan!】 The Pokémon Center and BEAMS will be releasing a collaboration item!

Collaborative items by Pokémon Center Shibuya and BEAMS will go on sale at Pokémon Center Shibuya and other stores from June 28, 2021 (Monday).

Pokémon” and BEAMS collaborate

T-shirts featuring Pikachu and Mew.

This collaboration, based on the theme of “Changing Shibuya,” features a richly varied lineup of clothing, accessories, and small items. Each item features a playful design with the Pokémon logo and familiar characters as motifs.

The T-shirt design features Pikachu, Metamon and Mew. The back of the T-shirt features a large silhouette of each character. On top of the silhouettes is the BEAMS logo, arranged in the style of the Pokémon logo.

Silver ring and earrings in the shape of a character.

The accessories also have the same design as the T-shirts. The rings, pendants, and earrings are made of 925 sterling silver, giving them a three-dimensional visual effect.

Klasse14 has also released a uniquely shaped wristwatch. The skeleton case is linked to the character’s color, and is combined with a metal strap.

Mini wallets, phone straps, and other small items.

The tarp pouch made of water-repellent tarpaulin material is equipped with a watertight zipper, making it perfect for summer leisure scenes. Other items in the lineup include the Yosemite Mobile Strap made of sturdy climbing rope and the Minimal Wallet.


Pokémon Center SHIBUYA x BEAMS

【Release Date】 Jun 28 (Mon), 2021
【Store】 Pokémon Center Sibuya, Pokémon Center Online