【COOL!(E-Shopping)】Design masks with the image of the giant heroes “Ultraman” and “Kinnikuman” that represent Japan will be released.

CCP ULTRA MASK (CUM), a mask designed in the image of characters from the popular special effects series, will be available for pre-order for a limited time from August 11 to 31!

In addition, additional production of the mask with the image of Kinniku Man has been decided!

Be a hero!

More than half a century has already passed since the birth of Ultra-man, but his popularity is still going strong, and he has become one of Japan’s leading special effects heroes, known by three generations of parents and children alike. Such Ultra-man is now available as a 1/1 antibacterial mask (Ag+). There are a total of five different designs, and the designs are so cool that those who understand them will recognize them along with their impact! Masks have become a part of fashion, but it’s times like these that I want you to keep smiling underneath your mask and become a hero who makes people who see your mask smile too.

Function of the material

The high elasticity of this material, which is resistant to fine particles, dries quickly, is not uncomfortable for the ear even after long periods of use, and has excellent elasticity and original restoration capabilities. This mask has a fine structure that prevents external moisture, facilitates air circulation, and does not interfere with breathing. It maintains its functionality as a new concept complex functional material that has both sweat-absorbing, quick-drying and antibacterial functions, and can be used hygienically. It has a carefully designed special insulated structure that drains sweat away quickly and dries quickly.

ULTRA Q, 1,221 yen + Tax



【Price】1,221 yen + Tax
【Size】142mm × 180mm
【Subscription Period】August 11, 2020 – ends as soon as the planned quantity is reached.
【Shipping Schedule】Late September 2020 (*probable)