【Cosmetic Tool Feature】Beauty editors acclaim-8 amazing cosmetics & tools! -The effect appears in 3 days! ?-

People who want to be beautiful skin right now with the help of cosmetics as well as massage! To such a person, we introduce cosmetics & beauty equipment that has a reputation of “dramatic effect in 3 days” among Japanese beauty editors.

Frontier Japan | Environ Electrosonic DF Mobile
63,000 yen +Tax

A small ion introducer that demonstrates the same level of penetration effect as the salon introduction. Environ’s hyaluronic acid and vitamin A cosmetic solution can be introduced.

*Purchase at the treatment clinic is possible.
[Some of clinic in OSAKA]
・Tsutsui Aesthetic Surgery
Charis Clinic
MA Clinic Shisaibashi

Beautelligence | New A Lift Plus
68,800 yen + Tax

Sub-microwave (high frequency) is delivered to the back of the skin to approach the spread pores and loose muscles. The latest version, which has undergone several evolutions, is a painful stimulus that raises your face on the spot you use it.

Rohto Pharmaceutical | Obagi C25 Serum Neo 15ml
10,000 yen +Tax

A cosmetic solution containing 25% as well as turmeric vitamin C.
“Penetration with a smooth texture that does not feel high concentration. For a skin that feels so well that you forget the dullness and pores when using it.” by Beauty editor, Otsuka.

Albion | Exia AL Immaculate Essence IDD [Quasi-drug]
1.5 ml x 28 bottles
25,000 yen + Tax

Subdivision type whitening essence with condensed kojic acid and other cosmetic ingredients. Approach to the stain by working to crush melanin stuck to the skin.
“Clearly white on the third day!” by beauty editor.

SK-II | Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask [Quasi-drug]
6 sheets
10,500 yen + Tax

Debuted in 2008, it is a masterpiece mask that holds the hearts of many fans. “Surprised by the whiteness and brightness of the skin after peeling! Fresh fit is perfect.” by Beauty Editor.

Koh Gen Do | Soft Gommage Gel 75g
3,500 yen + Tax

A transparent gel-type gommage blended with an acid. If you let the skin fit and lightly rub it, it will fall off. “It is effective when used on skin with gore. I feel comfortable finish moist and smooth.” by Vice President of Beauty Magazine, Suzuki.

Guerlain | Orchide Imperial The Essence Lotion 125ml
14,700 yen + Tax

The highest peak of Aging Care for Guerlain. Gives energy to cells that have been hypoxic due to external stress. “The texture is surprisingly fresh, but it will not dry if continued.” by Vice President of Beauty Magazine, Suzuki.