【Cosmetics】 SEKKISEI MIYABI launches “CREAM NECTAR”, a nighttime cream in a pine-patterned package that catches the light of the moon!

SEKKISEI MIYABI’s fall 2022 skincare line, “SEKKISEI MIYABI Cream Nektal,” went on sale on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

New night cream from SEKKISEI MIYABI’s top-of-the-line line

A new nighttime cream has been added to the Sukkabe Sei Miyabi high-value-added series launched in 2016. The new “Cream Nektal” is part of the Ultimate Line, the highest-end line of the Sukkabe Sei brand, and features a rich texture that gives skin an “unprecedented protective film feeling.

The cream has a balm-like texture achieved by blending two types of waxes. At the same time, it contains the highest concentration of wheat seed water, a moisturizing ingredient, in the formulation, and the largest amount (*1) of diglycerin, a common ingredient in the Ultimate line, which is also a moisturizing ingredient.

Adding this to the last step of your pre-sleep skincare routine will moisturize your skin and give it a brighter, more radiant appearance. It will bring plumpness, firmness, luster, and a moist, translucent look to the skin.

The luxurious packaging is also noteworthy. The inspiration for this product came from the “moonlit landscape with pine trees,” which has long been used as a motif in ukiyoe woodblock prints and other works of art. The pine tree pattern shining softly in the moonlight is incorporated into the world view of “Setsu-Kasei Miyabi.

SEKKISEI MIYABI Cream Nectar 50g 55,000 yen


SEKKISEI MIYABI Cream Nectar 50g 55,000 yen

【Release Date】 Saturday, October 1, 2022
【Official Website】 Online Store