【Cosmetics】New colors appear on cheap and popular ultra-fine eyeliner!

New color “dark brown” of popular gel liner “creamy touch liner” of make brand CANMAKE will be released from April 1.

What’s “CANMAKE”?

MAKE brand CANMAKE is a popular cosmetic brand that is cute, reasonable and high quality!

It’s cheap but high quality, so it’s perfect for your own gifts and souvenirs!

A brownish eyeliner that softly tightens the eyes.

“Creamy Touch Liner” is a 1.5mm ultra-fine gel eyeliner that is completely focused on the drawing comfort and color that can draw a line to make it slip on the skin. The color is developed even if it is drawn once, so it is a dense color with a sense of gloss so the eyes stand out clearly.

(Right) 1.5mm ultra-fine core
(Left) Deep Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown (new)

“Dark brown” to be released this time, tighten the eyes softly, produce a sense of good omission, and finish it in a feminine impression.

Store & Item Information

“Creamy touch liner”
All three colors for each ¥ 650 (+tax)
New color added on Monday, April 1, 2019
* Waterproof, Beauty essence (moisturizing) formulated

You can buy it at drug stores and specialty stores nationwide!