【Cosmetics】Popular series of early summer! Refreshing cool & etiquette products from VECUA Honey! !

From “VECUA Honey”, “Foot care items” and “Etiquette items for whole body” for summer sweating season were released from April 26th.
Souvenir items for a refreshing summer.

Refreshing cool & etiquiette products

Wonder Honey Etiquette Barrier Powder <Body Powder>

1500 yen / 5g

To the unpleasant Mure-Bettai of the toes. It is an exclusive powder that absorbs sweat and sticky and creates a more comfortable toe environment. Fluffy puffs reach firmly between the fingers and coat the entire toe. The refreshing feeling that menthol cools is added, and care is given to odors that are bothersome with germicidal ingredients.

Wonder Honey Etiquette Barrier Cream <Foot Cream>

1,300 yen / 20g

The barrier to sweat and odor of toes comfortably. It is a gel cream type that is easy to stretch and coats quickly and effortlessly to the narrow toe and adheres to pitta easily. Light feel powder keeps the state of smooth and smooth with no greasy or greasy odor.

Wonder Honey Sticky toe shampoo <Foot cleaner>

1,300 yen / 100g

Charcoal and sticky double absorptive cleaner. Clean the toes refreshingly. It is a special cleaning agent for toes that cleans up even the dirt and dirt between the fingers you care about. Charcoal scrub floats dirt and old keratin, adsorbs sticky cleaning ingredients, and flushes out the cause of odor. It is a refreshing wash like menthol compounded and tightened.

Limited Quantities
Wonder Honey Refreshing Cool Cool Mist
<body mist lotion>

1,200 yen / each

Refreshing cold mist shower. With a refreshing aroma and cool mist, you can refresh yourself anytime and anywhere. Just spray on the scalp, shoulders, legs and other areas where you want to clean up, and you will be refreshed and refreshed by the refreshing feeling of freshness and durability of menthol.
It is compact size convenient for carrying around.

Limited Quantities
Wonder Honey Aroma etiquette stick <body cream>

1,300 yen

Make the sweaty sidewalk neck cool. Refreshingly smooth with a direct coating stick. This is a stick-type etiquette care product that is applied directly to sweaty areas such as the side and neck muscles. The combination of anti-sweat ingredients and a slightly cool exhilaration help to reduce odors and sweaty spots. It is size that is convenient for carrying by pretty design.

Limited Quantities
Wonder Honey Aroma etiquette body sheet
<Wipe away lotion sheet for body>

240 yen /each
2 kinds / 10 pieces each

Quickly refresh your sweaty skin and make it fresh like skin care. Refreshing sweaty skin with menthol and two refreshing scents like summer. It removes dirt and dirt along with sweat and prepares the skin like skin moistened with fresh moisture.


They will be available at VECUA Honey stores below.

【Hankyu 3rd Avenue Store】
Hankyu 3rd Avenue North Building 1F
1-3 Shibata, Kita-ward, OSAKA

06 – 6359 – 0535

【Namba Marui Store】
Namba Marui B1F / 3- 8-9 Namba, Chuo-ward, OSAKA

【Tennoji Mio Store】
Tennoji Mio Main Building 2F / 10-39 Hidenin Tennoji ward, OSAKA

Lucua Osaka 8F / 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ward, OSAKA

Osaka Takashimaya 1F / 5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ward, Osaka