【Cosmetics Features】 What are the latest Department Cosmetics and Petit-Price whitening serums for 2022? And recommended whitening skincare

Recommended Whitening Cosmetics for 2022

Shiseido IHADA Medicated Whitening Lotion and Emulsion

A new “Whitening Line” has been launched from the Shiseido Ihada Medicated Care Series. While treating repeated skin problems, it also whitens the skin by preventing spots and freckles. The lineup consists of a moist but non-greasy lotion and milky lotion. With the simple two-step care, you can easily enjoy whitening care every day.

Release date: February 1, 2022 (Tuesday)

From left) Ihada Medicated Clear Lotion (quasi-drug) 180mL 1,980yen
Ihada medicated clear emulsion (quasi-drug) 135mL 2,090yen

Trancino “Fluffy and Dense Foam” Face Cleanser for Whitening Care

Transino’s facial cleanser “Medicated Clear Wash” has been renewed for 2022. The lather, lather consistency, foam fineness, and foam stickiness have been enhanced to create a thick, fluffy foam. Just by washing, it will lead to clear skin with fewer visible pores.

Trancino Medicated Clear Wash EX
1,980 yen
Release date: February 10, 2022 (Thursday)

Club’s Whitening Skin Powder

Club’s “Bi-White Supin Powder” is a face powder that provides 24-hour whitening care without the need to wash off. In 2022, this “Whitening Supin Powder” has evolved to include a new blue light cut powder. It also blends well with the skin, giving you a more natural white skin.

Club Supin Whitening Powder A – Innocent Floral Scent
1,980 yen
Release date: February 8, 2022 (Tuesday)