【CVS】 “Famima’s Strawberry Picking” at FamilyMart stores nationwide, including a variety of limited-edition sweets and drinks using seasonal strawberries!


Famima’s Strawberry Picking” will be held at FamilyMart stores nationwide, with a variety of limited-edition products on sale from January 10 (Tue.) through January 23 (Mon.), 2023. There will also be snacks that make great souvenirs!

“Famima’s Strawberry Picking” at FamilyMart stores nationwide

FamilyMart’s popular “Famima Strawberry Picking” project has been held every year since 2021 to coincide with the strawberry season, and in 2023, a total of 18 original products, including sweets, breads, drinks, ice cream, and confectionaries using strawberries in season, will be offered at FamilyMart stores nationwide.

“Amao Strawberry Roll Cake” 160 yen

Limited edition sweets using “Amaou” brand strawberries

Of particular note are the limited-edition products using Fukuoka Prefecture’s representative brand of strawberries, the “Amaou Strawberry. Visitors can enjoy sweets that take advantage of the sweet and sour taste of Amao strawberries, such as baumkuchen made with dough kneaded with Amao puree and paste and half covered with white chocolate, roll cake made with Amao strawberry jam, and doughnuts kneaded with Amao jam and puree.

“Amao Strawberry Doughnut” 138 yen

“Strawberry Milk” with increased fruit pulp, and the popular “Fluffy Cake Omelet” series.

In addition, a wide variety of strawberry sweets are available, including “Amao Milk Tea” with Amao juice, which has a gorgeous aroma of strawberries; “Strawberry Milk,” a standard drink with an increased amount of strawberry pulp for a limited time; “Strawberry Sandwich,” a fruit sandwich that has been popular in 2022; and “Fluffy Cake Omlette Strawberry,” a limited edition of a popular series that has sold over 14.9 million servings in total.

“Fluffy Cake Omelette Strawberry” 298 yen


“Famima’s Strawberry Picking”
【Sales Period】 Tuesday, January 10, 2023 – Monday, January 23, 2023
*Release dates vary depending on the product.
【Store】 Approximately 16,500 FamilyMart stores nationwide
【Official Website】 https://www.family.co.jp/