【CVS】New Matcha icecreams will appear! 【Limited-time】


From the highly popular “Pino” which is chocolate covered bite size ice cream series in Japan, a new product “Kuradashi Aging Uji Matcha” will be released at cvs nationwide from TODAY, March 25!

Source: PR Times

Pino series new item

“Pino” is a bite-type ice cream released in 1976, in which smooth ice and good chocolate melt in an exquisite balance in the mouth. It has been favored by many customers as long-selling products for over 40 years since their release.

The “Pino Kuradashi aging Uji-Match” which is on sell for a limited time made with smooth, rich Uji Matcha ice cream and covered by mouthful Uji Matcha chocolate.

The rich aroma and deep taste of Uji Ichibancha (means first tea crop) Matcha made in Kyoto Prefecture , which has been aged by low temperature storage, is packed in a byte.

There are 3 types of package with glossy Japanese patterns, and the attractiveness of Matcha and it performed attractiveness of Matcha with vivid color.

Source: PR Times

Cool Matcha Project

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. supports the World Cultural Heritage Registration Activity of “Ujicha’s Cultural Landscape” promoted by Kyoto Prefecture and they support efforts to spread Matcha products using “Ujicha”, which has unparalleled skills, culture and history in the world.

Not only one item

From March 25th, 2019, it will also start selling Matcha icecreams that make use of their individuality which is four key brands ice cream of Morinaga Milk Industry such as “Pino”, “PARM”, “MOW” and “Mitsu to Yuki (Syrup & Snow)”.

Source: PR Times

Besides ice cream, they will release sweets and drink using “Uji-Matcha”.

Source: PR Times

Item information

Pino, “Kuradashi aging Uji-Matcha”
Volume / 60 ml (2 oz) (10 ml(0.3 oz) ×6)
Price / 140 yen (+tax)

PALM “Uji-Matcha”
Volume / 55 ml (1.8 oz) ×6
Price / 450 yen (+tax)

MOW “Uji-Matcha”
Volume / 140 ml (4.7 oz)
Price / 140 yen (+tax)

Mitsu to Yuki, Matcha (Syrup & Snow)
Volume / 150 ml (5 oz)
Price / 160 yen (+tax)

They will be available at main cvs and supermarket throughout the country from March 25.